[GET] Invites to Pinterest Group Boards

Hello everyone,

Pinterest is the first social network that I used to make some decent income online.
The method was pretty simple: create a blog, place Google Adsense ads and pin your articles to Pinterest.

Of course, the problem was I didn’t have many followers, so I had to find the way to reach more audience. Then Pinterest introduced group boards :smiley: With a help of group boards, I managed to get a decent traffic and earn my first money online.

Now, group boards aren’t really what they used to be before. However, they still can help you a lot! This is why I want to make this giveaway:

Pinterest Group Board Invites

I have a profile with 250+ group boards, some of them have 1K followers, some have 100K+ followers, I’m not really sure about these numbers since I’m not that much into Pinterest game anymore.

The Group boards are mostly in food (recipes), health/beauty, fitness niche. There’s a couple of them in travel niche too. I believe there’s something for everyone…

So this is what you have to do. Post your niche below, send me private message with a link to your profile and I send you invites to 5 group boards in your niche, of course 5 boards with most followers. If I don’t have any boards in your niche, we’ll see what to do, there are some boards with general topic so you can pin anything there.

For now, I’ll accept first 10 users who post here and the only condition is to be a Mass Planner user.

Happy pinning :slight_smile:


Cool giveaway, I am a MP user :smiley: but not into this at this time, will let others enjoy these groups, I am sure they’re this can work nicely.

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I wouldn’t send them to you anyway :smiley:

Sounds like a good deal :slight_smile: You are really generous.

Do you have a message that people can use to ask to be added as contributors to those group boards? And what they should do and do not in order to have a high acceptance rate?

Also, would you mind sharing some of your Pinterest earnings?

thanks for giveaway, heard about it from facebook group
my niche is fitness/health/workouts
Thanks in advance

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Actually, just be nice, ask nicely, don’t sound like a bot :slight_smile: and most of them will add you. Of course, your profile has to be good, nobody will accept spammy profiles.

I would like to keep these earnings for myself :slight_smile:

Send me a PM with your pinterest username or profile URL and I’ll add you to some boards as soon as possible.

Thanks for giveaway, my niche is fitness/health/healthy food/weight loss

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Thanks for the giveaway. My niche is travel.

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Got your PM, I’ll send invites first thing in the morning It’s late here :slight_smile:

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Got your PM, I’ll send invites first thing in the morning, It’s late here :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for help i send you pm to invite me

Great giveaway! I’m in the food and travel niches. I’ll PM you my information.

Hi my niche is fitness/health/weight loss. Sending you a PM now :slight_smile:

Awesome, would love to be a part of this, will send a PM

Thanks for your post. I have one pinterest account but the goal is to grow it and then setup more accounts.

I have been reading a few of your posts and they are helping me greatly explore MP.

Thank You Adnan


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All invites are sent, please confirm here did you get them.

@Teamgkb, you haven’t sent me your Pinterest profile url or username. Please send it in PM.

Thank you fo this generous gift

Can u please give us a range of what people can make daily from this using Adsense , I’m not asking for you earnings but for a reasonable daily amount

Thank you

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It highly depends on where you’re traffic comes from, your profile, number of followers, number of pins you add, repins…

I have about $7-8 per 1000 Page views, mostly USA traffic.
This also depends on your niche, some niches will have higher CPC and you’ll earn more, some will get your less. So it’s really not possible to predict…

Anything is possible, from $1 to $100s per day.

Great Share Adnan. I’m planning to try out Pinterest soon.