Getting Account Compromised message? How many accounts do you have running?

How many accounts do you have running on your software? I have 130 and 16 currently have account compromised message.

I have a theory. I know people that are not running into account compromised message. They have only 5 accounts running on their software. Compared to me, with 130. It may be possible for Instagram to link the accounts we have connected to Jarvee.

In the AC message, they’re pretty blunt about an account “sharing their account login with a service to gain more followers/likes”.

How many accounts do you have running in one instance of your software, and how many are experiencing account compromised message?

10-15% my accounts get AC and after that 60-80% get hard 7 days block.
Trying to find a new way to deal with it.
Game have changed bro

I have something in the double digits. However, the only accounts that EVER received the Compromised Message were the ones running Follow/Unfollow (All below the 200 actions per day).

One account was a client who also had DM’s running but was fine as long as the account wasn’t doing F/U.

Once it slowly began again, received the Compromised Message, then subsequent 2 day block a few days later.

Every other account running various other functions are running fine.

12% of your accounts have compromised messages.

12% of his accounts is 0.62 accounts… So yes, you are more likely to get compromised message with more number of accounts based on simple math. Although I don’t think the chance is much higher the number of accounts, unless you have other footprints like all accounts liking/commenting on the same posts at the same time, posting same content, creation method, etc.

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I have 30 accs and 4-5 got compromised. Mostly on DC proxies. What do you think should I do int this case?

Yea just go AC for my last DC - switching all to 4g now

I have 20 and 5 acc have ac :disappointed_relieved:

Posting same content? So the same pic itself? How would we change that if we have about 50 destinations and want to post on all of them the same image?

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I do thing that number of users on same PC will increase % of COMPROMISED.
I told J before: the EB is way too exposed and even canvas fingerprints are not masked.

Well then you’re creating a massive footprint.

Change hashes and metadata. Although this may not fully protect you from their image detection software. I personally won’t post the same media on more than 5-10 pages for this reason.

Thanks for your reply. Do yoh think if I tried 1 image per 5 accounts at a time? I’m fed up of having my accounts disabled

That’s good, I’m much worse off.

I think Instagram can’t detect this, but they can detect if you have the same proxy, same pictures, same direct message…

Does anyone have any insight into how long to rest an account after an AC to avoid the 7 day block?

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The AC message is such a dirty tactic.

I am also interested in what to do in this case.

following. I have a few accounts with AC. Are you guys logging back in and going again or what?

I am only using jarvee for my personal account running on my home computer (so no proxy at all) and I have still gotten this message…all I’m running is auto like, auto comment and view stories with pretty conservative settings…about 80 likes a day and 10-25 comments…not even running follow/unfollow…,anyone have any idea how to help this?

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Is your Spintax good enough?

Hi Folks, strange error today. I’m having Account Compromised message on one account but if I use manually the EB, all works just fine. Any clue?