Getting started on Instagram Automation for personal account in 2020

Hello, everyone,

I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, I was hoping for some guidance on how to get started again on instagram automation in 2020, as I read a lot have changed. I am glad I decided to check before jumping straight back into it.

I was using FollowLiker back in the day, I was able to grow my personal account to 31k followers, then I took a long break from social media to focus on real life.

From what I gathered the go-to tool in 2020, seems to be Jarvee, with some caviar.

How can I safely start automation on my personal main account?

Will scrapper accounts be absolutely necessary? How many would I need?

Can I operate the scrapper accounts off the same home residential network as my personal main account? Or do I need to get a proxy for the scrapper accounts?

Thanks in advance!
Hope everyone is doing well and healthy.

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From what I have gathered, you dont want to have too many actions coming from the same IP so it would be best to run 4G proxies.

I tried to do some manual unfollows on my phone just now, and I hit the “Please wait awhile” message, after about 150 unfollows manually. Now I can’t refresh or do anything on Instagram, except wait.

It seems like they are cracking down even with manual actions.

Are there proxy service the community here recommends for scrapper accounts?

not sure what proxies to recommend, but 150 unfollows an hour is way too many. I usually stick to 50-75 when following and unfollowing.

I’ve had this before and, providing it’s the same thing, it’s a block on the mobile app as opposed to anything related to your account. For instance, you may still be able to perform actions on the desktop app and browser.

You should be able to fix it by deleting and reinstalling the app.

Nowadays, I take it slower with manual F/UF on my phone - less than 20 F/UF each per hour and trying to break that up within the hour.

No problems since that change.

Since you’re only getting started, it’s best to start with max. 50 F/U. There’s an option in Jarvee that allows you to increase the daily limit gradually each day until it reaches a certain limit.

A scrapper account is necessary. You can use a datacenter proxy for your scrapper account, and run your main account on your home IP.

Yep, scrapper is necessary these days if you want to stay on the safe side. I am using 1 scraper for 3 main accounts but I think it’s safest to use 1 scraper per 1 main.

No need for proxies for scraper accounts.

Check out these 2 threads:

I would still do proxy on scrapers, but cheaper ones, not 4g.

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