Global login problem

Hello. Tell me guys, I have one such problem. I can’t log in. Asks to reset the password and resets the password. I go in. He asks for the screen below.

I changed the password several times, it doesn’t help, I went in the package to reset the password, I reset it. What should I do next?

Support the second day is silent does not respond. jarvee((

What happened after you clicked on secure your account here? did you get redirected to help page?

There are already a lot of threads on mpsocial about this login loop.

The excerpt said the password should be changed or write in support, but as I do in the browser it does not open to send help from the browser. Should I come in from the phone?

I used the minimum limit and deal like and subscribe at the same time.

Random browser worked.

Will it help to write here?

This might help you: [MAY/JUNE 2020 FIX] "Help Us Confirm You Own This Account" [SOLUTION]

Do I need to remove the device now where I am sitting in the program change cookie delete clear clear change IP correctly?

Yes, you can try to open the secure your account link on a different IP. See if it works.

This whole thread is about the same login loop you have. you can also try some solutions written on this thread. they might help.

Thank! I will study.