Growing account manually

So I’m a beginner I still not using jarvee, and I’m wondering if growing one account manually is a good idea to learn? I’m growing a steady 80-100 followers and in liking everything so far.

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First of all, you can start by using the search function here, there are quite a number of threads that touch on organic growth instead of automation.

Here’s some threads.



80-100 followers per day?

I also started manually. In your case I would at least look into some content scheduling apps like hootsuite, later or buffer. When you post daily this will help you a lot.

The threads which @senseifuel posted here are worth to read. Watch out also for other threads on organic growth methods like viral content or engagement groups.


80-100 a day isn’t good?

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If you’re gaining 80-100 new followers manually every day, It’s very good!
How many follows you do each day?

Yesterday like 400 maybe more, I’m starting to unfollow since I’m getting close to 1000, I’m also posting 4 times a day, I’m using three sets of hashtags I got from

how many profles are you following/unfollowing everyday?
and likes?

I’m following about 200 a day, I only have three days with this account.
And likes, I’m not really sure I spend pretty much the whole day doing it.
I like mostly people who engage with a source account. I read that here.