[GUIDE] [2019] 🚀 Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!


For sure. When I’m not rushing it takes me up to 20 minutes. I do good bios, usernames, and a very specific grid to make them very very aesthetically pleasing.
Mobile creation has me caring a lot more about my slaves and such now. Now that they behave I get to actually enjoy making them look great without thinking they’ll just fail on me.


But I mean, what if e. g. a client needs 200 slaves, you can’t be spending 20 mins per creation right? :hushed:


Yep :slight_smile: I do.
I don’t really offer 200 slaves. I have a base rate that I can make in a few days time. Then if they want more later they can double both their payment and their slaves.
My strategy is pretty on point so the set up is really where most of the work is for me.


Alright so I am guessing:
perfect account creation = almost no struggle later on for your slaves (pv’s, blocks etc.) right?
Yeah I mean in that case it is actually not bad if you don’t have to constantly be looking after them because they don’t cause problems… :slight_smile:


Would u post all 6 photos same time?


When you create your account, do you add a @mention in the bio?


You got it :wink: makes my life easier. And I don’t mind creating them honestly. I binge friends or orange is the new black and chilllllll :slight_smile:

Yep :slight_smile:

No. And I wouldn’t. At least until the account is completely warmed up. Some of my clients are businesses so for some of my strategies I might. But not for personal pages.


How many pv’s do u get out of say 100 accounts ?


If any of you that got this working what phone are you using


I got 2 pvs out of 10 accounts created…
8 action blocks during warm-up phase


Your proxies should be the reason. If you are testing out new things try to go 1proxy:1account ratio because other accounts can get also flagged for no reason.

Go 1proxy:1account ratio and scale as slow as possible.


Can you give us some more details of the concret steps from the beginning of the account creation to the settings you run later in software?


I am following the same steps as mentioned above for account creation and for warming up…

  1. no pics currently
  2. 20 follows a day 30 unfollows after 2 days
  3. 5-12 likes daily
  4. 5-15 story views


i still have this problem, anyone else? it’s normal?


No it is not. By the moment you close the app all the related data should be deleted (and the notifications with them). Try to re-clone the app with the correct settings.

If this doesn’t work, try a different device with a different android version.


Hey guys, just wanted to add my 2 cents to this. Buying emails seems to be much easier than creating.

But keeping them alive is another story alltogether. After 20min or so of testing, I found these newsletters that don’t require to confirm subscription and should be pretty much daily. So would be easy to enroll and keep emails alive.

If you know others that proved to work well for you, please share! It’s going to be annoying adding them all manually but still. 1 click and forget is much easier than 1. log in 2. confirm 3. enter name etc.

See below:

This is a list of 60 emails, but many require double/captcha/name verification etc.

I personally tested these sites and they don’t require anything other than 1. Enter email address 2. Click subscribe. 3. Done!


https://www.netted.net/ (not confirmed yet)
https://www.producthunt.com/ (not confirmed yet)

EDIT: Daily beast is the easiest/simplest to subscribe and sends daily emails.


Dope, also saw that medium post, thanks for sharing!


you need to contact @Adnan to start selling in the forum .


Hi, great post @SZarkic

I have one question regarding leaving a footprint and whether the SIM itself will leave one.

You say not to select the ‘Hide SIM & Operator info’ option, but I was wondering if anyone knows whether Instagram can get hold of data about the SIM that would link all of the accounts? For example is the ICCID available to Instagram?

Just wondering whether you could go to the effort of changing / hiding everything else and then still have the accounts linked by the SIM card somehow?

In response to @pow regarding Google Advertising ID I believe you can change them on the device. I don’t know however if Instagram stores the ID when downloaded, in which case you would need to clear data from the Instagram app, change the Advertising ID, then uninstall and reinstall the Instagram app to be safe.


It sure is. Took me a very long time to find a way to spoof that. It’s nearly impossible.