[GUIDE] [2019] 🚀 Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!


Recently IG is now insta-banning my accounts created with this method now, gonna try to find a workaround


the best way it’s to buy bulk accs.


This is by far the best guide for account creations I’ve read. I know this is specific for android but is therey anyway to do something similar on iPhones?


Did you find a workaround? I got the same issue.


i agree on that, Tags have higher ban rate had a similar problem with 5 accounts so far.


used my laptop with my proxies I used with jarvee to manually create accounts. Super temporary but I just might make a trip around computer stores/phone stores with my data to create more accounts or something

also gmail requires PV on my created accounts so I’m using protonmail



I see. I was just asking because iPhones are acutally pretty cheap in my area and there are tons of them


Hi guys, I am following this method, I am able to change the IP and all, however, what I am not able is to create the IG account.

I use hotmail.com accounts, and when setting up the IG, as soon as I log in, and error pops up saying ‘An error occured when creating your account. Please try again later.’

However, when trying again later using the same account it says an account already exits, please log in to that account. I try logging in, and it says such account does not exist…

I am runnning in circles… I have tried creating other email providers (outlook or gmail) and the same error comes up… Any ideas?


me too, any luck with it=?


i am trying this method with a wifi dongle, but still getting the same error… cant work around it… any ideas?


Yes, yesterday I took another android, one old from my dad.
He never used IG or Facebook. I connected my 4G to his phone and tried creating one account.
Created mail with Sucess and IG nop got the same error.

Search more and got something very important, is where you live, if you live in big city you’re lucky, if you are like me I live in a very small vilage not so lucky!

It seems IG picks you IP and Range, IG calculates the amounth accounts created on area. So if you have like 1k people living in your place and normal account creation is like 80 accounts per year imagine, and at one day the same place get 20 account’s at one day that’s a big nono IG will block them. IDK if it’s possible to warm 4G and 4G towers range.

Need to test more. Conclusion my 4G, range got block, solution is getting new 4g sim card or using 4g or residential proxies for creation… I bought new SIM cards now I’m waiting to test more


Nice speculation, without any proof


How can I give proof? You want print’s with IG saying “sorry but we protect our community”?


When Instagram would be blocking areas for creating too many accounts, 1 person could hurt many other potential users to sign up on the platform. That wouldn’t be a very profitable move of them. Instead limiting areas for creating too many accounts in a specific timeframe they are much more likely limiting the number of accounts that can be created on 1 IP in a specific timeframe (But even that is something I doubt, as long as you create them manually and aren’t creating 100k per day with a bot). Which IPs you will get is caused by the location but that doesnt mean that its the same. People use different phone providers for example which also plays a role in how many or which IPs you will most likely get after disabling flightmode. When Instagram would limit a whole area for creating accounts they would limit everyone who wants to create accounts there. Your neighboor could have a different phone provider and gets different kind of IPs than you most of the time and he couldn’t create an Instagram account.

It’s not possible to warm up 4G towers and ranges and it’s not necessary. People are moving around. How many users are using different IPs is very flactuating by the nature of the mobile internet connection. That’s why Instagram can’t take the number of the accounts created the whole year and based on that estimate how many accounts created in one day is normal.


what about using public Wifi like Mcdonalds etc hell even the Public Xfinity wifi? you think that will work better because I don’t think they can trace that


I did everything that this guide talks about, I tried creating accounts also using this method: [GUIDE] Creating Accounts (Browser Edition) - Slave Child Accounts M/S, M/C
and in bluestacks by spoofing my imei etc. and nothing is working.
I keep on getting the awful “Sorry, something went wrong creating your account. Please try again soon.” message, and of course then the email is flagged and I have to delete it.

For now my only option is creating accounts on henry’s raw mobile proxies and even then I only have a 10% success rate at most.

Do you guys know what I could be doing wrong?

P.S. I’m using yahoo emails if that matters.


Yeah life is hard… and there is a reason why people can charge some dollars for new accounts.

Anyhow… You might wanna try using different email providers (mix them). All in all you need to consider not leaving fingerprints. Do everything to appear like a diverse crowd. Meaning if you always do it exactly the same --> it is a fingerprint.


thanks bro, ill try


Just don’t give up. The moment you think you break is the moment of the required epiphany.

Don’t wanna be arrogant here. We have all been through this pain. And nobody who has suffered would provide his secret ingredient in a public post.

It is like with programming… just a small little change like a typo, a comma here and there makes a big change. --> No different for account creation.

Get some some chickens… cut their throats and use the blood for your voodoo mastery… Hope you are not taking the last bit word by word tho… :slight_smile: