[GUIDE] [2019] πŸš€ Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!


It is going alright so far. I finally got Magisk and Xposed downloaded onto my phone. I was having some issues with that part.

Now I am researching device ID changers and stuff and how to use Xposed & Magisk etc.


There is an device id changer from xposed itself but xposed got me just into problems. Plenty of bootloops, bricks.

Did you managed to Install xposed Framework? This was the point were my phone just went down, everything before worked without any problems.


I wonder whats the cheapest phone i can get / root and give this ago on! Prefer not to use my personal phone


I am getting tons of bootloops and stuff too. I had to re flash the firmware a few times already. I finally got Magisk and Xposed installed but I am scared to restart my phone because last time I restarted it it got stuck on booting.

I am not sure if its the Galaxy S4 and I should try buying a different model or what.


Did you guys installed Instagram as APK? I think it is the best when you just a rooted phone Just for the account creation. That way you dont have to deal with google play store, google id at all. Not leaving more more footprints than needed.


I got exact the same issue and interesting that you have them on the s4 too. Thats why I stopped trying with xposed framework and now trying with the app cloner as explained above. For this app xposed framework is not needed. I’ll try that and hope this is the solution.


Let me know if this app cloner works good.

I wanted to install Xposed so I can spoof ALL Ids needed


I’ll keep you updated!
Yeah, that was the only reason I wanted xposed so bad. You can random all ids with one click. But seems really hard, at least one my phone.


@lukec2000 cheapest and easiest phone to root would be the S4 or a Nexus 5, found a cheap one with a bad esn for $30.

Anyone having problems going the xposed & xprivacy route just head to XDA there’s tons of guides that will walk you through it simple


You would want a clean ESN though if you want to use 4G to create accounts wouldnt you?


have you tried this method ? , i keep getting sign up error , and when i try to login it says account disabled .


@RustyBread not if you have another phone with 4G I just connect the bad esn phones to that. Also could look for phones with a cracked back screen those go for cheap.

@AbuBakr lol u asked me this same question on this same thread 24 hours ago… yes this method works make sure you are following the guide correctly and make sure you are getting a new IP sometimes your phones IP stays the same as doesn’t roatate as often as you may think


keep us updated bro, love how you are sharing value on basically all threads I read haha…
So you haven’t managed to create an account this way yet? :slight_smile:


i think something is wrong , i even reseted factory settings and used a new gmail account but i still get the sign up error .


Not sure why you are getting an error, make sure you follow everything step by step.


i don’t know either , i googled the problem and it seems that alot of β€œNormal” instagram useres are having the same issue .


What rooted device are you using


a rooted samsung galaxy j2


Interesting it should be working flawless, may be worth buying another cheap phone to root just to be sure it’s not your device somehow


You rooted with Kingoroot and installed Magisk? How is that possible? :smiley: