[Guide] Beginners Guide to Growing Your Instagram Account!

**I planned on selling this on fiverr but changed my mind and decided to post it here. Hope all of you enjoy. I started to rush near the end because I wanted to get this posted asap. **

1.Making Accounts

When making accounts you should do it on your mobile data or your home internet. Making them on proxies lowers the quality of the account and from my experience, an account will get banned faster if you make it on a proxy. When you go to sign up, write everything down slowly. If you are on mobile type it slowly than wait and if you are on a browser, do not copy and paste anything. These are all things to set off Instagrams checks. Other than that make sure the IP you are making the account on is fresh and also avoid low-quality emails. Low-quality emails are emails like mail.ru, mail.com and a bunch of others. If you are aiming for quality I would go for Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail.

1.1 Picking a Name

Picking a name is one of the hardest and most important things in this guide. Picking a name is not hard per se, but everything else is incredibly easy. You need to get a name that stands out from the rest of the other accounts. Would you rather get followed by “apples” or “23apples_daily_posts_”? The account on the right looks like pure spam. When you get followed by an account like that, your first step should be blocking it right away! It is not that hard to pick out an account username and with a little bit of thinking and (mild) creativity you should have an account name ready in less than 5 minutes.

2.Setting Up Accounts

After making an account I would recommend you wait 2 days before posting any pictures and changing the bio. You can post your profile picture right after you make your account but be careful. When setting up your account try to post at least 9 pictures before going onto the next step. The reason for this is that no one would like to follow a brand new account with 1 post and 0 followers. You should at least try to get the posts up. You want your Instagram account to look nice. You want to be able to show it to a friend and have them like it too. The thing is, with Instagram you are not only trying to gain followers but you are also trying to keep your followers active. You can not do that if your posts are of low quality.

2.5 Warming Up Accounts

You should start off slow. I personally follow 30 - 40 on an accounts 1st day in action. I like around 50 posts and like around 40 comments. Right now you are just trying to set a good first impression for Instagram.

3.0 Getting Followers:

My favorite method to get followers is Follow/Unfollow. Follow/UnFollow is exactly what it sounds like. Following users from a list of sources and unfollowing them after they follow. This is part of the reason you should try to keep your account looking neat! You want to make your follow back ratio as high as possible. Only do this before you have 10k followers. Once you have 10k followers do not do Follow/Unfollow instead of that you should work on content and try to grow organically.

3.1 Getting Followers:

One of the other best ways to grow your account is through shoutouts. This requires much more money upfront but results from the shoutout will come faster and will speed up the growth process dramatically! When buying shoutouts ask for as much proof of insights as possible!

3.2 Getting Followers:

You should try to optimize your profile so it can show up the search and in the recommended users when you follow someone. This is something you should figure out yourself because it is different for each person. Just look at what your competitors are doing and ditto them.

  1. Analyzing your account

I personally use hypeauditor.com to analyze my account. I do not like turning my accounts into business accounts since my reach goes down whenever I do that. With hypeauditor you can get unlimited searches by going into incognito and doing a search with 10-minute mail anytime you need one. With this method it is free and you are not risking your account.

  1. Hashtags

I personally use displaypurposes.com to get hashtags for my accounts.

  1. Automation

I recommend Jarvee for botting accounts. It is one of the most popular bots and I would use it for main accounts. At the bottom of this guide, I link to a couple of different tutorials for Jarvee.

  1. Picking Sources

I usually go to the Top 9 in a hashtag and check if everything looks good with the account(no botted followers, likes or comments). If it looks good then I set it up as a source in my bot. I repeat this with 15 or 20+ sources per niche. I target users that are engaging with the posts and are following the source account. I do this so my I am following high-quality accounts

  1. Filtering users to follow

Filtering users to follow helps your follow back rate go up. I set it so if they are following more than 1000 accounts I will not follow them. I do this because they are less likely to see my posts if they are looking at 1000 posts. I will not follow accounts with more than 5000 followers because those are usually influencer accounts. Lastly, the max follow ratio is set to 1.5 for me. Here is a list of things you should set up too:

  • Ignore Business Accounts - they are more interested in their own profile.
  • Ignore users following your accounts - you gain nothing from following your followers. They can’t follow you a second time :slight_smile:
  • Like 1-2 posts after following an account. It increases your follow back rate.
  1. Unfollowing accounts

I personally unfollow accounts 3 days after following them. I unfollow 500 accounts per day. I choose to unfollow users after following them for more than 3 days because I need to give them time to follow. You should be following less than 4000 accounts at a time (and even so, that is incredibly high). I personally like to keep my following under 2000 because it looks nicer.


Do Shoutout for Shoutout with people in your niche. It helps your account grow and be seen by more people. Shoutout for shoutout is completely free and it helps you get brand new followers.

Do not do too many shoutouts/promos. When you do too many shoutouts people get mad and unfollow. They didn’t come for promos they came for your posts. If all your posts are promos,

  1. Who wants to follow you? You have no content other than the shit that makes you money.
  2. Who wants to stay following? There’s no reason for them to stay following if they gain nothing from it.
  3. You’ll get lots of hate if you continue to mass-post promos. Here’s an example: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/565551029245182007/565958052281319435/unknown.png

I couldn’t find enough time to write about the mother-child strategy. Maybe I’ll do it next time I write a post


Cool guide, a beginner will find more than everything he needs in it :slight_smile:

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Nice guide. Great for people just starting out :slight_smile:

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thanks, that’s what it was made for. I’m trying to get more into insta

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Do you make these accounts with your own SIM cards (pv etc) or use an online service ?

I try to run HQ long term accounts so I make them on my 4G and I use google voice for PV’s. This is not cost effective at all and at the moment I plan on switching onto freedompop sim cards to test.

Sorry for all the questions…

Do you have any reccomendation for browser add-ons that you enable while making accounts ?

I use a Random UA spoofer and Canvas Fingerprint. I usually make my accounts on the school bus on my phone.

I really appreciate your work but some things aren’t accurate at all and incomplete. For example:

This is sooo wrong and I see so many people that get this wrong. As a human it’s natural to create the account, post a profile pic and say something about you in the bio right after you create the account AND this not cause blocks at all. I don’t know how you came to this conclusion but it’s not accurate at all. And there is not set up number as 9 posts. In fact posting all 9 pictures as 9 separate posts in a short span of time it might trigger some IG alarms. I would post it in 9 different days.

Nevertheless, it’s a beginners guide, you touched many things and is good that you took action. Good luck!


I agree with pretty much everything you said there. I should do more testing in that area since I’m not doing much for it. Thanks for your post :slight_smile: I’ll be probs fixing some of the things in this thread at a later date once I know more.

Also I like your journey on BHW gl with 10k accs!

edit: I changed it a bit. I heard from some friends that I do shoutout for shoutout and grow with


Not a bad starter guide for beginners. I’m glad you didn’t sell this on Fiverr. I would change some bits, but for the most part it’s good. Thank you!

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Thank you, same to you!

Thank you very much for the fabulous guide! very useful

Nice guide that mate, plenty of options :slight_smile:

Nice one thanks. I follow around 500 people daily and I get 50 follow backs on average. Is it good or bad ?

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this is a 10% follow back ratio. You should try to improve this imo. You want to get the most value out of your 500 Follows / Day.


What am i supposed to do when im following arround 800 a day but getting literally +30 followers a day…majority even less than that… ive changed content, i post daily , i use 30 hashtags , i even have sources to remove under 0.2 follow ratio

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I wish I could like users photos while following them. I would increase the follow back rate greatly… but every time I do that with Jarvee, Instagram blocks my Like action. Is it really possible with Jarvee? Do you need to warm up real slow for this ?

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It is the sources for sure, maybe even the content!
Try to adjust sources, or give it a lil time to adjust if you have too many…
A little trick I always use is to follow a bunch of big influencers in your niche. See who follows you, and use those people as sources… Get a follow-back rate of around 35-40% like this :slight_smile:
Has to be done on an account you don’t automate obviuosly…


maybe it’s your proxies, what proxies are you using?

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