[Guide] How to solve the Linkedin Invitation Restriction


Part 1: What is the Linkedin Invitation Restriction:

Anyone who tried to send many connection requests on Linkedin probably got the invitation restriction warnings at least once.

This can happen for several reasons:

  • You sent too many requests

  • You sent the requests too fast

  • You have too many pending requests

  • Too many people didn’t accept your request

  • Too many people said that they don’t know you


Part 2: What is the “punishment”?

When you try to send more connection requests, you get a pop up that says that you must type that person’s email (to make sure that you really know that person), and if you don’t know the email you can’t send the request.



Part 3: How long does it last?

  • If it’s your first time, it will only last a few hours

  • If it’s not your first time, it will last a few days

  • See part 6 on how to make the wait shorter


Part 4: Does a paid subscription prevent this?



Part 5: How do you solve this?

There are basically 3 ways to solve this:

  • Wait (see part 3)

  • Remove all pending requests that you sent (see part 6) to make the wait shorter

  • Contact a HUMAN support person (see part 7)


Part 6: Remove all pending requests that you sent

This will not solve it immediately, but will rather make the wait shorter

Open this link

It will list all the connection requests that you sent and haven’t been accepted yet.
Withdraw all of them.


Part 7: How do you get HUMAN help?

Linkedin doesn’t want you to contact their HUMAN help on this.

Their help page clearly says that they can’t help you (“and can’t assist you in lifting your restriction”):


But this is NOT true.
They can lift the restriction!

Open this link

Scroll all the way to the bottom, and you will see the “Chat with us” link

If it says OFFLINE then just wait and try later

If it says ONLINE then click on it and it will open a popup with a chat to the HUMAN help.

Just tell them what happened, for example:
I got the invitation restrictions 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t ended and I really need this for my business…

They will tell you that they are forwarding your request to a supervisor for checking and it could take some time.
For me it only took less than an hour, and the supervisor removed the restriction.


Edited on April 5, 2019 to add a screenshot to part 2.


Just getting involved with more aggressive LinkedIn connecting here…any advice on dealing with the 3000 invite limitations?


I will write a guide about it when I get a chance


Benny, thank you for this. LinkedIn has been getting more and more frustrating, especially when the clients expect “magic” and LI throws a wrench in your grand plans after only a couple days of botting.


Is there any update on your guide for this? I’m starting to use LinkedIn automation and would appreciate any recommended strategies, “No-Go’s” and of course screenshots of successfully used settings :slight_smile:


Did you start automating Linkedin yet? Is so how is going so far, I’m about to start myself and any was wondering if it really worth it!! anyway, the best practice is testing out as what worked for others may not work and vis Versa!!>
Thank you @benny for this great tuto


Thank you very much for this interesting guide! I had one account which was restricted, but I will try your strategy right now!

Thanks again!