[GUIDE] LinkedIn Profile Scraper

Hey guys :wave:

I noticed that more and more users here are talking about LinkedIn and that Jarvee very often has new features related to this social network. A few days ago I needed to do some research on Linkedin and first I started to do this manually. Then I remembered that there is some Profile Scraper tool in Jarvee :slight_smile:

I needed this tool to look for people with particular skill sets from a particular location, but this tool can be useful for other purposes as well. This tool extracts complete public profile details with email address included - if available for your profile.

If you are working in the Human Resources department, Recruitment agency, Public Relations industry, if you are just looking for people for some sort of collaboration or just for generating some business leads, this tool can be very beneficial and it could save your time :slight_smile:

Settings are very simple and easy to set. On the screenshots you will see the default settings, I used these since I didn’t want to get some kind of blocks for doing too much search on LinkedIn since I have a regular account.

If you are doing this on a larger scale and you want to automatically export results, you can use the options available in the AUTO EXPORT SETTINGS section of the settings.

When it comes to sources, I used keyword search where I also included location (this is just an example). However, you can see the list of all available sources for more advanced LinkedIn users :slight_smile:

The results look like this and you can easily export them all by clicking on the EXPORT ALL button.

Hope that this will be helpful. :slight_smile:

If you have some other suggestions or you have some other ideas in which cases this tool can be used, please share it here with the community! :raised_hands:


This is a surely great new addition to the Linkedin tool arsenal. Scraping on Linkedin is becoming more and more interesting in cold Emailing purposes so this will prolly be one of the most important tools in the future.

Thanks for sharing this guide! I’ve been using this tool to scrape information of all my connections. It’s really such a great tool.

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thank you for sharing Bianca, very helpful :+1: :+1:

are you using one account or multiple to do scraping?

You can use one account for scraping infos from that account’s connections.

You may check this out for a reference https://jarvee.com/knowledge-base/the-linkedin-profile-scraper-tool/ :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the information. This will definitely a great help in growing accounts.

Profile scraper is compleatly broken.

I am having a lot of troubles and losing a lot of money…

Jarvee said that is scraping 250 users per day when you check the results, but when you see the results i only have 500 since i started month ago…

Just to check, where did it say that it was extracting 250 users per day (since there are no estimated values on the tool)?

Have you tried to increase the scroll time you’ve set? Basically, more scroll time means more users to be extracted.

The tool is working fine on my side. Which source option are you using? I would suggest you open the EB (Social profiles > Browse) then restart the tool to see what happens on the EB when it’s trying to scrape profiles. I would also empty the extracted users tab, and see if the tool can extract users from the source I added.

It’s working on my side too. If you are getting some issues or errors with the tool, it’s best to contact their support regarding that matter.

This are my dashboard “results” of profile scraper

Also it said that today has scraped like 139 profiles

Today Extracted Users only one

Today results NONE

I would have upload you all photos of each bullet, but I can only upload 1 image

Jarvee it is not what it was to be… It have bugs, that makes you lost money (because i am paying jarvee and sales navigator) and they dont even give you credit days for the days that you cant use them

It said that is Working fine but it is not

I have 120 of scroll time, how much do you have?

You can try increasing that to 2 minutes more so around 240 seconds and see if you will get more.

I have found 2 mistakes over jarvee

  • First of all
    • I think the problem is that it is not scraping more than the first page…
    • It doesnt goes to second page, third page and else… * I have 1200 second of scroll
  • Second
    • Jarvee is extracting people that i already have in results, so is wasting time on the same users always

yes increase the scroll time a bit but not too much, having a big number there will casue the EB to get stuck at some point.

@Luca @Jessi

I have find the problem that jarvee has over the Linkedin’s Profile Scraper and I have reported it…
I hope they understand the problem, most times it takes a lot of mails for them to understand (which makes me feel they dont read carefully the emails)

It has two problems:

  • First, It extract the same people over and over, and scrape the same profiles over and over, which means that get stuck

  • The second problem is that it doesnt scrape the full list, i get stuck in the first page. I am using the search list of sales navigator.
    The problem is that jarvee only adds to the url &page= parameter and not the others parameters, which make linkedin to load only firstpage

  1. Imagine this is the url https://www.linkedin.com/sales/search/people?savedSearchId=513236 of the first page.
  2. Jarvee do this https://www.linkedin.com/sales/search/people?savedSearchId=513236&page=2 to go to the next page.
    Anyone can test this and will see the same problem.

I hope they do…