Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days


No, Jarvee only…


Any update since the lift?

Anyone else have their clients getting blocked from posting or commenting because they “shared” their login info?

Did you find a solution?
My client has been locked out of her account.
When she changes her password, then I cannot login without updating the password and then she is again locked out!
Thank you for any advice!


I have a 7 day block that is expiring August 1st. I’ve tried logging in from multiple devices, LTE connections, wifi and proxies. All still blocked. I’ve also reported the problem (probably 25 times total) on every device and connection and even submitted a written report to Instagram within the app. Still blocked. No response.

This is just an FYI that it is for sure a 7 day block, reporting does nothing and written report does nothing. Don’t waste your time.


Do you guys have this active?

I think this is the reason why my accounts are not getting to the 180 follows a day.


I do but 160-320 minutes. My worry is that if you uncheck this Instagram will start doing more 7 day hard blocks.


If I understand correctly we currently have no way around the 7 day block, is that right?


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I had the same block than you, after traveling to other country, Jarvee was automating (at home IP) with no problems even that I was abroad, but once I came back the same day I got the 7 days hard block.

I think that I will just turn OFF Jarvee while traveling or… take the PC with me :slight_smile:


I didn’t encounter any hard blocks yet and I only have temp blocks on 3 out of 150 accounts. Most on HC mobile proxies and some on DC proxies. I guess this wave didn’t hit me yet…

Where are most of your clients located btw? I ask because most of my clients are located in Germany (90%) and there might be correlation.


Hi, this also happened with 3 client personal accounts who buy fake likes/followers (I did not botting their accounts) 2-3 weeks ago. Around 10 pm, They got hard block while doing normal activity on app. They said they never shared password or running any bot. I don’t think fake followers caused this.


Becoming a serious problem, I had 2 accounts blocked this week as well. Never had a block like this before. Was using safe settings with residential proxy.


Both personal/client accounts?


My followers are mainly from Europe, the accounts blocked are client accounts. I’m using super safe settings and other accounts are encountering soft blocks as well, even after 2 likes or 2 follows. I’m pretty desperate at this point.


Hello all,

Without sounding like a broken record, I too was hit with the 7 day block. During the 7 days I switch proxies and remained active from my phone. Black was released yesterday. I started up jarvee again today and did not get a single action in before I was prompted to change my password and immediately hit with a 7 day block again.

I have 3 other accounts (two brand new and one 3 years old) all running fine. This is my main account (7 years old) with a little over 25k followers.

Based on this conversation so far, I’m not sure what to do after this next week. I feel like my account is flagged.

I hope we figure it out soon :man_shrugging:t6:

Update* both older accounts ( 3 years old and 7 years old) now hit with 7 day blocks.


What type of proxies are you using?


Data center

3 of 4 now blocked with the 7 day


Although some people are still having success using DC proxies, it seems the majority of the people have switched to quality mobile proxies.
Switching to mobile has helped me avoid the blocks.
Also, when you switch to a new proxies I always wait 24 hours before doing activity and then start back slowly.
This is just what is working for me at this point.


Ok I will try that. Please keep us updated on your success. I will be constantly researching the topic until I am unblocked next week.



Yes, there a several great threads located on this forum with excellent advice.
This is the most knowledgeable forum I have found