Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days


What proxy service do you recommend for mobile proxies?


I sent a DM to you


Double edged sword, DC proxies seem to be effective around temp blocks but also most susceptive to 7 day blocks.


I use J. for about a month now, new user. After much reading this forum I began since the very first day using only EB. Never used the API and never had a Block this month. The only problem is that following is slow and never reaches the daily goal.

Has any of you that received the hard block used only EB for actions??


I am going through the same thing pal, can anyone help me? I got the same ban on the thread and my block was only 2 days, it ends today, but I still can’t like, follow, or post. Please help me. Do I need a proxy? I am only using Jarvee on one account. Also since my temporary ban ends today how do I get my account going again?


If you are using Jarvee just with your account you don´t need a proxy. But you need to learn how to use the tool, take your time and search the forums, watch some Youtube tutorials on Jarvee and learn how to avoid bans.

If you are going to start over after the ban, leave your account to rest for a 2 or 3 days, then remember to warm up the tool, you need to start following slowly, start from 20 to 50 people a day and incremente by 10 to 15 people each day.


Api or EB actions will also get you blocked or banned. If you get banned you need to wait a few days then start warming up slowly again.


No one else getting hit like crazy with these “your account is compromised” messages this week? 7 of 15 accounts got hit with this (3 accounts today) and I am using safe settings under 200 likes and 150 follows. My proxies are all residential.


Yeah this is happening a ton right now.


yes same here


I have the same issue on LTE proxies


5 of my clients have gotten the compromised message TODAY. No correlation between the accounts or reason why. Totally random… I’m shutting off actions for all for 2-4 days then will try to slowly warm up. IG is cracking down hard today…


Half of my 100 account getting hit by this in the past few days


600 follows made in 5-6 days. No likes. Got temp. block for liking and following 7 days.

Weird. This is my first time getting a block. I also didn’t post for that 5-6 days which can be the result of it.

Other accounts are fine.


Got the compromised message on 1 account today.
Has anyone received it using ONLY EB?


Yes getting around 5-6 compromised msg everyday. Some of them using only eb.


Clients or slaves?


Clients HC 4G 1:1


Same here with HC



The problem is not the proxies. They are identifying that the account is being automated without a doubt. This happens because they have detected Jarvee’s way of working when searching and performing actions.

Jarvee, SocialDominator, and others.