Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days


Guys I got bad news.

I had an absolutely high quality account run on 100 follows per day. I dodged a lot of typical jarvee action block bullets with ninja manoeuvres. In the end I started receiving those notifications. A week later I got the ban.

I was only doing follows and 2 likes after following on this same user. No unfollows, no separate likes, no story views no comments. NOTHING. Just the follow tool with very very conservative settings.

The account in question is amazing, old, with 30% organic engagement. I run it on my home residential address, same city as my client.

I have to be honest here, I believe my case to be a super best case scenario of client management. Clean high q IP in a city that im pretty sure noone else knows what IG automation even is, very high q client profile, great account standing, minimal jarvee usage. We are in for a treat it seems :smiley:


I’m an optimistic guy, but this is not looking good.

I don’t see how you’d be able to keep a client after a 7 day block.


Ok guys,

I got one customer hit with a 7 days block, only doing follows / unfollows on 4g proxy, less than 200 per day, with no likes.

He didn’t got the Force Password reset notification, just hit right away with a 7 days block.

On other hand, I got 3 others customers hit with this block this morning, and they were doing almost all actions available on jarvee, like own comments, story view, likes, follow/unfollows, and posting.

This is starting to be super scary to be honest. Like, really.

Massive follow/like/both block, some API some also in EB

I was on the same spot couple weeks ago. Just make sure to use only EB to follow (with mobile proxies) and you will not receive any 7-day blocks or “your account has been compromised” notifications. If you use API to follow - you can get these even with mobile proxies.

I currently run 200+ client accounts (all EB, mobile proxies, 180-200 follows) without notifications and 7-days blocks.

What’s interesting - 6000/30 is not applicable to all accounts. Some accounts can follow more than that, but a lot of accounts can follow much less than that (for couple of my accounts it’s 3800/30, sometimes 4500/30 and so on - I belive that it depends on the profile’s trust score).


If you continue to do F/U probably they will…


@aith U got banned or blocked?


I got blocked for 7 days. The same exact message the OP got.


By ban do you mean a 7 day block or account disabled?


Hi, what you say is very interesting but it confuses me… I’m using, as recommended by everyone on the blog, EB only when API is blocked and I never received any blocks until this morning. Are you saying that it would be better to do all the actions with EB?


Hello, I’m following many threads here and I’ve your same problem about 7 days hard block for follow, like, comment and post. I can only watch stories and unfollow at the moment. I received this hard block 3/4 times already for all my 4 accounts and what I notice is that income everytime I changed my connection from 4G to Residential IP. All worked very good when I logged in through only my 4G mobile (not proxy) and stay logged in just with my bot app (logged out from every Instagram app). I’m using the same follow/unfollow accounts settingw and they stay very low at max 30/hour 200/day (f/u at same time without any problems). I don’t know if this kind of blocks starts when you change your connection location because I notice Instagram blocks me when my mobile connection server changes (i.e. during a travel)


I am switching everyone over to EB. Lets see if this helps.



I had about 200 AGED accounts.
They were doing 700-750 MF (+ unfollow) daily for almost 6 months.
On the 4th of June all of them got action blocked. I was trying to fix it, changing proxies, resetting IDs etc. and what I mentioned is that it only made worse, as some of them got banned and others got ublocked much later than everyone here.
All of them were on DC IPv4 1:2

They started normally working (without any blocks) at the very beginning of July (about 5th or 6th of July). I should say that I changed IDs of those accounts and cleared cookies before.
After that I made a few tests with them to sort out with proxies.
Part 1 started working with backrotating proxies - EACH REQUEST - NEW PROXY (crazy, I know)
Part 2 started working with high quality DC proxies 1:5
Part 3 started working with high quality LTE proxies 1:10
All acounts had almost the same setting and were warmed up a bit and than started doing 160-190 F/U daily + some messages (auto-respnse). Nothing else.

The results were:
Part 1 got too many BANS (no blocks) in a few days of work. So they worked but in 5-6 days I got about 40 aged accounts banned. So I will never go back to that crazy idea with rotating proxies. But I had to try :slight_smile:
Part2 worked fine
Part 3 worked fine

So I decided not to pay more and switched all my accounts to work on high quality DC proxies with 1:5 ratio approximately on the 12th of July.
And they were working fine till the last Friday (the 26th of July).

I have like 60-70% of accounts blocked.
Believe me, guys, I have soooo many variations of those blocks.
Regular blocks, “hard” blocks for 7 days, “hard” blocks for 10+ days, “no blocks” but no working and so on. All the variations discussed here on forum.

NOTHING HELPS for now. Changing proxies - just rotating and switching to other subnets, but all of them are HQ DC proxies, did not try to check with LTE proxies yet. But I believe that it has nothing to do with the proxies. Almost sure that it is not a proxy issue. Reset IDs, cleared cookies, re-login, whatever else… NOTHING HELPS.

Guys, any suggestions? I have enough old, aged accounts to test whatever we think logical. But looks like I’m out of ideas for now… Need some rest (the same as my accounts, lol)

P.S.: all actions were took via API with “follow via EB if blocked” and “re-login in case of EB block” checked. Also I have “ignore action blocks (do this on your own risk)” checked in Settings.

What should we do? Don’t you want to say that IG won this game?

[SOLUTION] [JUNE2019] Action/Follow Block Wave! (MEGA THREAD)

I didn’t want to just read and not respond but, in regards to if IG won this game, yes and no. For those that give up after a few months of bullshit, hell yeah they won. This shit ain’t for those that expect IG to stay static. They are a dynamic company and as such will act in dynamic ways so their algorithm will ALWAYS be changing and thus your ways of approaching automation or any type of social media growth should also ALWAYS be changing so as to stay aligned with IG. The only thing that should not change within those that want to continue progressing and making money is a winning, positive attitude. I don’t have a clear suggestion for you at the moment. What I will say is that patience goes a long way. You’ve been doing a lot of testing which is great. But perhaps you need to take it slow for a bit and let some of these accounts rest. That’s my advice. Sometimes we gotta just take a step back in order to move three steps forward.


You put everything beautifully <3


No, I don’t want to say IG has won, because they haven’t. The best will survive and the rest won’t. So far we have, so… :man_shrugging:t2:


Maybe the accounts were not created in a quality way… Did you buy them?


No, they were registered by my own.

The strangest thing for now is that only about 70% of accounts are blocked and other 30% work fine. But they have almost nothing different. The same registration method, same proxy provider and type, same settings and even sources are the same…

So the only thing I need to sort out with is WHY some of them continue working…


I started getting a hard block 3 months ago on one of my accounts. Changed the proxy and all that and nothing helped it. I even turned everything off for 3 weeks and then went back in and still got it. It’s been driving me crazy and idk how to get it unblocked.

I’ve changed the password to it as well. Another one of my accounts started getting a hard block a month ago as well.


Are you guys logged in from another device also at the same time?


For my account that I had stopped for 3 weeks I logged out everywhere and it was logged in on one phone and that’s it.