Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days


It’s been 3days since my first batch of accounts got account compromised msg. Last night I tried put one account back running with very slow setting and eb only. That account just received a hard block for two days.

I don’t know what to do at the moment. I am scared to put other accounts back running after received the compromise msg.

Do you guys think I should change the device ID before I reactivate?


need solution on this issue


Afraid to start mine as well and get blocked for 7 days. Was thinking of trying to reset device id and changing IP with low warmup settings.

This really needs to be solved, will lose a lot of clients cause of this.


Your proxies play a huge role in this. A lot of the providers (including ones in these forums) tend to oversaturate their network If you’re starting to have issues I’d take a hard look at that in addition to your settings.


That’s the thing, I use my own residential proxies that are clean. Settings are very low and still get compromised messages.


When you say your own residential proxies what do you mean?

a) Do you own the ISP that provides them?
b) Are you buying them from a provider?
c) Do you have a VPS somewhere using proxy IPs you setup yourself?


you didn’t face compromised issue ah? what type of proxy that you use ?


With owning them I meant option C yeah, they are located near the client.


Stop everything for a week, start with few Interactions,
increment in the following days.


Hmmm, are they reducing the 7 day block to a 2 day block now? Trying to find the silver lining lol.


No. Just received my 2nd 7 day block today with the most conservative of settings. I most likely will not be automating anymore.


Did you change device ID and changed proxy before automating after the first hard block?


What do you do about the login/logout issue when using the EB? Do you have the option switched on in MP? Or do you manually login/logout? Or do you just leave them?


I think they have few type of hard block. 2day, 4days and 7days.


Seems like this hardblock is new… havent had any major issues after June updates. I do get action block here and there but they come back. This time (about 2 days ago), looks like actions are being blocked left and right:
api - action block
EB - cannot login

Anyone else the same?


Yes same thing here. First that Then follow by account compromised msg, follow by hard blocks


:thinking: Nothing… I never login or logout manually, have not received any notification to do so. And I don’t know if it does it automatically.
As I see in the settings I haven’t checked the options ‘Do not use embedded browser to login to Instagram’, ‘Always keep the accounts logged in the Embedded Browser’.


same problem as you birdman, feel like im going API back to EB then back to API


Do you think is safe to only unfollow while we figure it out?


Care to share your low settings?