Hard action block (no likes, no comments, no follows, no posting) for 7 days


Why? Too much risk? What are your current settings?


<150 likes and follows


Thanks, thats really low.

Check out this post from @DonPapo and see if it helps!


I did reset device IDs. Was not using proxies. Single IG account on my home network.


I use an iphone and according to that thread doesn’t really help with the compromised messages and hard blocks : [


Can you actually change the device ID’s into whatever? I mean you can find lists and lists of useragents but are they compatible with the software? @DonPapo


I’ll try tomorrow on a different account of mine if reset ID and changing proxy helps. If so then you should try a proxy next time and if I get blocked then I honestly think there is no solution for the time being : /


I’m pretty sure it defaults back to the existing device ID no matter what you put in that box.


So basically you use the softwares outdated useragents or take the highway? @race44


Like most software, I don’t think you can input whatever device you want to emulate as the coding is built for that device specifically.


Well guess the dev’s have a whole lot of work ahead if they want to catch up :confused:

EDIT: then again, how much does it matter when using EB? I can imagine IG thinking it’s fishy to use a nokia3310 for its api. But EB is basically webbrowser based so anything that can go on google can use EB? @Race44


If they open sourced that part of the interface, they would be dealing with support tickets all day.


Yeah but the device is still the device that the EB is running on.


True but a crippled api useragent seems just a dead ass give away. I still have an early windows phone that doesnt even support IG’s official app. But i should be able to use it’s browser without issue as old as it is. But correct me if i’m wrong

I think @Alexnvo mentioned something about old phone still being really popular or somethign


Same here, happened on 3 on 20 accounts…
Don’t know what to do.


I am having the EXACT issue and I don’t know how if My trust score has plummeted because of this


please not use low settings!!!
I’ve been studying this problems for weeks
directly not use an account COMPROMISED again in an automated system or they will lose the account


So you are saying the only solution is to lose the client once it gets compromised message?


The amount of Account Compromised notifications are really start to increase for me today.


Getting a bunch of account compromise messages too for clients. Sucks… I closed J because i dont want more clients to get hit with it until I find some solution :(:neutral_face: