Hashtag Research Tips for Beginner and Oldies ( June 2019 )

Hey everybody,
I hope this is the right topic for this thread or isn’t already somewhere here …and if not i’m really sorry!

I don’t have a lot of accounts or clients with accounts. So I’m pretty new to the “behind the scene” stuff.
Of course I read myself into tons of tips and tricks for having a good account with value, but i feel like i’m missing something.
My engagement with my current following is good but it’s hard to attract new people. I always try to use about 30 hashtags and often spend some time to do some research on the hashtags ( like with ones are recommended on the explore page within my niche) but don’t really get reach from the hashtags ( maybe about 1k-2k seeing my posts from the hashtags)
May I asked if some of you have some tips for better hashtag research? ( and yes i pick smaller Hashtags and bigger ones to mix it up, but it still doesn’t work out well :confused: )

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Here are some recent, detailed threads on hashtag research:

AB test posts with different quantities of hashtags to see what performs best for your account. Make sure the top posts in a hashtag have engagement similar to your posts.


ah thank you so much! And sorry for bothering!!

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I will post stair method with hashtags in near future.
If you can’t wait search on internet some info, definitely check out :wink:

The trick is to do some packs, start making 20/25 packs of hashtags (almost equal) and from there you need to do A/B testing.

What is A/B testing? Is easy you compare both methods, let’s say you have 2 packs almost the same where 3/4 hashtags are different the rest is all the same. You test each pack on 5/10 images each and see what get’s best result, Imagine is pack A so you know that 3/4 hashtags you put there make the difference!

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I found this website https://risedecoded.com/tool-hashtag/ from a youtuber talking about hashtag research. I guess there is a online tool with popular hashtags for your niche (right now?) and a tool for download. Does anyone tried this online tool or programm or is it scam?
And does it work? I’m a bit scared to test it, since i’m not into all the programms and tools for hashtag research.

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