Heads Up on accepting PayPal for social media services


I understand. But we used to fix the disputes. Some people just change mind immediately after they purchase thats why they file disuputes.

Paypal also holds 2000gbp worth of funds (they named it on-hold funds). Those funds are designed to be a protection so if any issues happen, 2000gbp will be there to solve it up. We usually get 400-800gbp worth of orders a day. disputes of just below 50gbp a day


Well, this sucks.

For recurring invoices, I use Waveapps which is free and they accept credit card or ACH bank transfer as forms of payment. Paypal alternatives off the top of my head would be Payoneer, authorize.net, 2checkout.


are these options not that tough unlike paypal?


There is an easy way around this and that i by using a invoice program like invoice ninja and don’t give your products obvious names like 150K IG followers, just call it the gold package

Your clients know what it is and you do and i just checked and the product name doesn’t even show up, doesn’t mean they know what it is, just change the freaking names and dont have 3/4/5 disputes per week and you will be just fine…

Pro tip always take out all your money from these services…


your conversion with clients will be way less if you dont use paypal.

important thing is( so you can just use another pp), why are they makjng a dispute??? i really have 0. if they want to stop after a day or two, they just ask. i refund, done. I never have disputes.

its all about what you say before you close them and its all about communication…

every payment provider will block you with that much disputes


I am always hearing complaints about Paypal giving sellers problems: closing accounts, freezing funds, siding with customers 100% on disputes. I never heard anything good or bad about other payment gateways. Maybe because they don’t have enough publicity or user base? Or they are less strict? Not sure but they are worth checking out with the way Paypal is going.


I am thinking she is selling fake followers and that is why she gets 3/4 disputes per week, wich is a huge red flag, i don’t think managers have anything to worry about.


actually we are reselling a service from other people. can anyone have a chat for me through skype?


Same difference, you are selling a product that is already frowned upon, you probably don’t tell that they are fake and when people get no engagement, well… they fight back with disputes, the problem is not PayPal or you clients… (spoiler alert) It is your product.


Same difference, you are selling a product that is already frowned upon, you probably don’t tell that they are fake and when people get no engagement, well… they fight back with disputes, the problem is not PayPal or you clients… (spoiler alert) It is your product.

No, they are real. we used to provide service that basically came from advertising. Its just some people tend to refund after getting the service


Yep, that + bad customer support. Your clients really need to feel helpless if they open a dispute instead of messaging you


Then the issue is low quality clients.


Some but not 3/4 a week, you keep pointing at everything and everybody, that is not going to help your business you need to make improvements so that the disputes top or you will lose that account for sure


but why should they permanently limited my account. its just like this. you get 20-30 orders a day. Surely you will get a single dispute. Not all customers were good. every disputes are being sorted asap. and a big PLUS to the 2k gbp on hold fund protection which they save for me.


I do. but right now, im trying to find the best alternative other than Paypal. I just really need one. if someone here who can help or be my partner please help


I have done so many orders through my PayPal business account and i got two disputes, one was from a guy who just wanted to rob me of $38- and won and one was a misunderstanding and that is after years of thousands of transactions.

Like Grummel said You need to get better quality clients or a better product if you want to hold on to that account, it is bound to be taken from you for months so don’t leave a lot of $$$ in it


There isn’t one, it is the sad truth Stripe and PayPal are your best options that are trusted by people all over the world


thank you for your time. it really helps me a lot realizing what to do


If you’re selling a social media service, you should count yourself lucky that you are able to continue using Paypal at all. A 2000 pound hold should not be a big deal if you have regular money flow. You do get the money eventually. The inconvenience is just the price of doing business. If you go with Stripe or another payment processor, you’re going to have other problems to deal with. Any reputable service has their own ways of protecting themselves. Annoying as it is, ultimately, that’s why they are reputable.


Was your account actually closed or just limited? Because I just opened BHW and your post is on top with you, or someone with the same name as you, talking about you have to push the website or you’ll get fired. So what’s the real story, because people here are giving you advice about making your website clearer and getting better customers and it sounds like you don’t actually have control of some or any of that. So what’s the real story? Is it even your Paypal or your boss’s? If you have no control, either get your boss to switch to a high-risk payment processor, or get back to finding a job (I’m guessing on Upwork).