Heads Up on accepting PayPal for social media services


Can you help me? can we talk?


You’re telling two stories on two different forums. What’s the real story, and what do you want help with? No one can make Paypal either open or un-limit your account (whichever is true) and no one is going to risk their own Paypal account on a service that is getting so many disputes. So what do you really need?


I have to create another account to reply. I am sorry for doing this. I dont think im telling two stories on both forums. I am finding a way or an alternative for pp for the business. Thats what I really wanted.

Its easier to say to find another job but im not that skilled. Sorry but I am in a rush for everything as i have a huge responsibility and this is the only job I know


Here you say your account is limited, on BHW you say your account was closed. If you just want Paypal alternatives, I think you’ve been told all of them.


That is right. Permanently limited. I am sorry for not using the same term all the time.


I have a no refund policy listed right under my paypal subscription, and never mention followers or selling followers. The invoice states instagram growth, management and consulting. If they dispute, you just screenshot your policy. Instagram sees you as high risk if you specifically mention followers, likes, etc. There’s no reason to. You’re want to appear as an agency, not a SMM panel. If you have 20-30 transactions a day, it sounds like you’re providing fake followers and likes. You’re in the wrong place if this is what you do. Most of us are lucky to have 20-30 a month from client management.


can you please send me dm? please


i try to avoid PayPal as much as possible but international clients often prefer to pay in this way