Help me choose 4g proxy


Please help me choose a 4g proxy that costs less than $ 5, if you have used it please tell me is it good? , I am very grateful to everyone
I searched and found a website that created 4g proxies and the price was quite good, but I did not believe it, it would be good if you could ask me to review it.

Thanks, again

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@HenryCooper sell them for 4$ :wink:


Since you are a member of this forum I would try to get a proxy here on MPSocial. Especially when you don’t trust a website. You can always hit up to the people who are offering proxies here when you have issues or questions about the functionality of them. I recommend you to take advantage of this much more personal and professional experience.


Another tip. Be active here, read a lot, learn and help other people with your knowledge. Try to get to level 2. There you will find every resource you can imagine of. Proxies, accounts and also services like hashtag research, spintax writing and much more. When you are in level 2 you don’t have to purchase anything from websites actually.


What will you use the proxies for?
Please be more specific than using Instagram accounts on it!!
Will you be spamming, client accounts, only Instagram, do you need it to be in a specific country?

Any information is useful


Create your own 4g proxy, this way you also have a cheap price in the long run


This tip really depands on the country of origin, in the US for example running your own proxy will cost a lot more than renting a good modem from Thailand for example.


Yep thats who I’d go with


This. Always think long term.


I can help, only choose @HenryCooper for mobile, and @Digital7Boy, do not use @mindeswx for any reason.

@PrestigeProxies has solid proxies, and @Verona has some solid ones as well, but for sure, stay away from @mindeswx


thanks !!!


Thank for that tip @wortime I actually came across his yesterday and I was curious. I’ll check out the guys you recommended.


have not been here long but everyone seems to mention this guy for mobile proxies and the feedbacks have been great based on personal research @henrycooper

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@Digital7Boy Please :slight_smile:


You can buy 4g dongle as a proxy and run 10 accounts with it


what is 4g dongle


4g dongle is like a usb stick you plug on your computer to connect to the mobile data OR a small box with a sim in it and you can connect to it via wi fi


This is an USB dongle. You can put a simcard in it, and connect to the internet with it


Is there an option to use Jarvee while having 20 of those connected to your PC for 100 accounts?


Is it save to run 10 accounts on 4g dongle proxy?