Help me! My LinkedIn account temporarily restricted!

Please solve this problem. For a few days, I tried to collect leads from search on google to collect LinkedIn leads. I never search a person on LinkedIn search i using search the person from google then click the LinkedIn link and do my work. EX: Jones, CEO at jarvee, (this keyword search on google ). SERP showing the list of Jones. I click Jone LinkedIn and then do my job. But unfortunately my account restricted. Please solve this problem.

What kind of account activity are you doing and how much of it? How old is the account? Lots of variables… LinkedIn counts each one of those as a page view…I have an account with 25k connections with navigator and a 80+ SSI… We can normally view 2-300 profiles a day, could probably do more… On a new account without premium I wouldn’t go over 20/day, work up to 50…

I am afraid to say that there are no solution. I had the same problem and couldn’t get it back. May be there is but I couldn’t find it.