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Hello Good people,
I hope everyone is doing great. I need your help. I have a client who runs a small local business. He is basically a local tourist agent. He wants me to grow his Instagram account. He is expecting 500 followers at least every month. I am not sure what strategy to follow. As he is new to Instagram, I will be ignoring methods like follow/unfollow or viral posting. Other than these what can I do daily to increase the following? Can anyone please help me with a daily activity-based strategy which will help to gain organic followers? Certain actions like, DM group, Gary V Method. What are you doing for your clients or for yourself? Please share. Thanks

Hi, I do manual M/S as described here. Others automate M/S with great success. I would recommend doing a search on the forum as well

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Should have had a procedure in place before you accepted a client. This is why people have such a low opinion of Social Media Managers… My 2 cents at least.

I have been away from Instagram Marketing for like 6 months. I was busy coding a web app. This client of mine is a family friend. Now that Instagram blocks every action of yours, I wanted to know what you guys are doing. So yeah, I hope you can understand.

may I ask why you want to avoid Follow/Unfollow and viral posting?

Hi @Powerlifter I think you should put a nice guide, step by step, together with your great tips, rookies will highly appreciate it and we can link to it every time somebody comes with this type of question/request. Thanks!!

I’ll think about it.

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Thanks a lot for your valuable comment.

Client wants to put original content only and no follow/unfollow because it decreases organic reach. I might be wrong but this is what I learned serving 15 clients. I used to do follow/unfollow with jarvee and was able to get 80 follow backs by following 400 users. But those golden days are no more. How was your experience with follow/unfollow.

Well that always depends on the quality of account I am growing. For example there are accounts with really high follow back ratio but also there are some that are not getting a lots of followers. So that all depends. But if you’ve got good account with unique content you shouldn’t have problems with getting followers from F/U method.

i’m still using that technique and I’m getting good results, off course not the same as the golden days but still…
I think that you just need to follow the right accounts, the sources that you f/u need to be right on point.

if you give more time into source picking and then follow the ones with a high potential of following back you will definitely get good results.

So someone approached me today to grow their account. They will not share their password. For them Mother/slave is the best option. They want 800-900 followers monthly. I am thinking 3/4 slaves are fine for this account. What do you think? Do your slaves send message to follow mother account or you link the mother account in the Bio of slave accounts?

I’m not doing any of that, I’m actually using Jarvee to scrape users from specific sources then send them to the main account to be followed, liked and commented on.

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Nice. Keep going.

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just pay for ads

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You need more slave accounts. 3/4 slaves are not enough. I suggest you follow this journey [Journey] Mother Slave Method on Personal Account

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I don’t see why you couldn’t accomplish 800-900 followers a month with 3/4 slaves. I get about 700-800 a week with only 2 manually.

Let’s say you have 4 slaves and perform f/u solely (without any liking or story views).
Let’s say each slave has 10% follow back of 180 daily follows (18x4 = 72 followers). And then 40% of that converts to a follow for the main page (about 29 followers daily).

29 followers per day for 30 days is 870 followers, which is your goal. Add in likes and story views/replies, there’s no way you can’t hit it

Thanks for the clear explanation. Much appreciated. What proxy is best now? mobile or residential? For M/S Obviously.

This poll shows what people are using. And then I would go to the public market place and look at reviews to buy proxies

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Thanks a lot. What VPS are you using ?