HELP - TIPS and Questions about Configuration


Hello Dude !!

I wish all is good !

I am writing on that channel today because I am looking for few tips / things :

–> Do you know where can I buy Social Media Account such as Linkedin/Facebook/Twitter ?
–> Do you know where can I buy phone number for Instagram Account ?
–> Do you know a good VPS service ? I am actually under Greencloudvps and Amazon, is it a good one for you ?
–> Do you know a good website to buy Porxies for Social Media Account ?

Waiting for help dude ! :slight_smile:

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@gaillardv Okay man I’ll tell you what to do:

–> accsmarket is a popular source for accounts
–> smsvpa is a Service that gives you a number for verifications for 15cents or something. It also is supported by JV via API
–> I use contabo for my VPS but its Linux (can upgrade to windows if you need that tho)
–> AirProxy seems to be the thing to go for right now. Its 4g
But if you have a Android Smartphone to spare i can hook you up as well. Msg me


Dear Derdam !

Thank’s for you help I will go on your websites and see :slight_smile: