"Help us Confirm You Own This Account" Problem

Hello there!

Sinds several days I have a problem with some IG accounts :

I do automation (API) + EMB scraper and I use 4G proxies.

On the same proxies I run 4 accounts :

  • 2 work without issues
  • 2 have “Help Us Confirm You Own This account” Message loop.

Every 1 or 2 days I got a message on 2 accounts I tried many kind of verifications but it still block.
Most of the time on these account I also recieved actions block (After the verification).
It’s really strange because settings are same and proxies are same on all accounts.

Do you know how to solve this issue? I think that I do something wrong when I verify (I tried using API / EMB) + “It Was me” but I always got block/email confirmation loop back.

I have a similar problem. I can log in, but immediately after it pops up with a bag saying “Help us confirm you own this account”, but I don’t have access to that account. What’s weird is that I get password resets and sign in notifications on my email. I tried the solution on the “infinite loop” post and it almost worked. I got a confirm your account message that sent a code to my email and I was so relieved. Then when I logged in the same confirm your account message pops up asking to send to the email I don’t own.

I change my way to work, I do now EMB + API scrape It work clearly better, sinds 7 days I didon’t get block and I m warming up these account (I m doing 100 actions daily with no problem). Just one account is doing API actually. When you do API you can’t do any EMB actions. If you do => Block :wink:

I’m on this loop… what can I do to solve this?

Every 2 days my clients accounts receives “Help us to confirm you own this account”

You work with API and scraper??

yes, api + scraper

That’s why, You have two solutions :

  • Find how to not do any actions with EMB (Maybe your account try to log with EMB that’s why you have Loop) Actually I was able to run just one account with Full API (And it still working great with this account).

  • Run your account with EMB, I do EMB and it worked for more than one week with no block. Sinds yesterday I started to have few issues. but I don’t have “day block” only few temporary block.

I have some accounts with this loop runing on EB too

Same, if you have issues with EMB it’s maybe because you are doign API call.
I think that the problem is that you don’t understand correctly how Jarvee work with EMB or API. If you do both it ll not work.

I am having this issue, any recommendations on how to fix it?

You can check the following thread, there are a lot of suggestions that you can try