Impossible Instagram Verification Loop

Clients accounts, onboarded in past 2 weeks, maybe up to a month ago though, scraping for themselves.

Very annoying, very time consuming. Just send me the damn email! Every other account instantly got that password change email.

There is a problem with two-factor authentication. The email may not arrive at all. This is an instagram lag, you don’t need to look for patterns here.

And this is supposed to mean if they have two factor we just wont get the account back? I believe I fixed an account today that was 2 factor and the email came quickly.I think this one I am having trouble with is two factor though.

Anyone else getting an email from Instagram saying “XXX, weve made it easy to get back on Instagram” instead of a normal Password reset email when you request it?

Just try doing all the actions again in 24 hours. If it doesn’t work, just wait for instagram to fix everything

Thanks I hate it (meme)

Exactly the same message here - not receiving password changed emails either, just the “New login from” ones. This is happening on my main account after using story viewing for 2-3 months (50000-100000 daily), scraping from dummy accounts.

This account is the only one too (so far) I just had another client call me about this issue and I requested a password reset, I changed the password, and they got BOTH emails, new login and your password has changed. Makes me feel like its the persons email on the account filtering it out?

I mean the emails were sent instant AND she uses two factor.

One of my accounts has temporary locked status. I tried following the steps showed in your video. After I clicked secure your account here, IG showed me this page again.

I also tried on incognito window. It doesn’t help.

Repeat the steps several more times.

For those of you who still need help, WHEN you receive a email where it says your password has been changed, go to your phone and log into that email, find that “password has been changed” mail, press “secure my account” then you should be logged into your account and everything is fine!

I tried with doing the secure my account on steps on my computer, but that did not work.

Yea I have a stubborn account that this wont work for, I get the email about the password change and I tried 7 different browsers, including phone. It all just takes me right back to the get help logging in screen.

What about accounts that do not have an email on it? You obviously cant get these emails if you dont have an email on the account at all. Anyone have experience with that? Had to fill out that contact form to Instagram with the Need help signing in.

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Hey there :slight_smile:
Have you tried also opera VPN?
I made a video about that, try that -


Yes :frowning: I was doing that for all of them. The majority I did worked. Now I have 2 clients its not working for. One isn’t getting the Your Instagram password was changed emails at all. The other Is getting it, but it just opens back to the get help logging in screen. I tried incognito, opera, opera with VPN, firefox, internet explorer, safari, iphone chrome, iphone incognito, iphone safari

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Something does not make sense! after you do the log out as I show in the video- no secure email comes?
how about the social tab on Gmail for this email in your first account?

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Let me add something to this process that just worked for me.
Once you Log Out on the “Help Us Confirm…” Page, Clear Instagram cookies in the browser then Click secure your account in the mail.
So if you don’t clear Instagram cookies after log out. This won’t work.

So here’s the workaround-

  1. Download Opera VPN
  2. Enable VPN
  3. Login to your Mail
  4. Go to IG and reset your password using “Forgot Password?”
  5. Go to your Mail (Opera VPN).
  6. Click in the link “Reset Password” and set a new password.
  7. Log Out
  8. Clear IG Cookies (Important)
  9. Go to mail (New mail arrived)
  10. Click “Secure your account”
  11. Yes it’s correct
  12. This was me
  13. Give Me a Thumbs Up :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Have tried that as well. Clearing cookies before, middle and end as well. Believe me, I have done every variation. FOr 1 person the Your Instagram password email just doesnt come and for the other today they received the email and the secure your account still doesnt let you in. Yes with clearing cookies. With VPN, without VPN, with proxy, etc


For me I have tried several times without clearing the cookies and it didn’t work. It always landed to the “Help Us Confirm…” Page with a Log Out button at the bottom. I logged out but it didn’t log out actually and it was landing on the same page.
But when I logged out and Cleared IG Cookies, “secure my account” this time didn’t trigger “Help Us Confirm…”! It goes straight to the “Yes it’s correct” Page. This should work. Sorry for you if this doesn’t work. BTW, how did you clear IG Cookies?

I mean thats literally what I just wrote. Yes I have cleared the cookies. On 6 different browsers.

I went to the browser settings, and nuked everything, cookies, history, saved data, etc.

Ops, Sorry bro. The last think I can help you with is trying myself. If you want I can give it a try for you.

Clients accounts, cant share.