Hey everyone, I am new to Pinterest and looking for tools to grow

What are the recommended tools you use for Pinterest?
I have knowledge using Jarvee for Instagram but I would like to use it for other platforms too.

@Ryan_Hyndman is it possible to sell things on pinterest?

Lol what the? Are you new to the group too?
Yes. I have heard multiple times that Pinterest can increase visitors to your website and up sales. The ppl that uses Pinterest are more eager to buy than other social media platforms who just look through content.

Hey buddy check out my guide on how to automate your interest I have posted it in this forum and you can find it in my profile too.


Wow thx friend :slight_smile:
I think I see it, is it this forum page? Let me know if there are others, link me.

guys but sorry about shutterstock the pictures are very expensive or am I wrong?

You can use other sstock free photos sites

Do you use Jarvee for Pinterest?

Nope there are better tools out there.

What are all tools you use? I am new to pinterest lol, it is nothing like the other social media platforms I used in the past. I heard Tailwind is good.

JV all the way :smiley:

This is such a cool technique! Thanks for sharing!

Which tools do you use?