Hi, New to SMM. Need abit of guidance haha

Hiya, ive started looking into SMMA and SMM in general and ive bumped into this website. Pretty useful information here but just wondering where would you guys recommend i start as im new. Thanks :smile:

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Here is a list of what would have helped me in the beginning.

  1. Focus on one platform and niche down very specifically.

  2. Be consistent with your posting, testing and learning.

  3. 20% knowledge consuming, 80% action.

  4. You will want to learn the basic terminology (CTA, Engagement, Proxies, ect…) automation, what quality content is.

  5. Learn the automation boundaries of your choosen platform.

  6. Get a vps (vultr), some proxies @HenryCooper, and an automation tool such as Jarvee.

  7. Have some money set aside and keep working your day job until you’ve come to a point where you won’t bottleneck. (i made this mistake a couple years ago and lost my apartment).

  8. Remember slower is better.

  9. Always always use the search tool in the upper right before asking a question. Most of your questions have probably already been answered… That being said sometimes the keywords you search for will not give you the exact answer so you will have to dig… I promise you though most of your questions have been answered, considering you are green. :slightly_smiling_face:

  10. #1 don’t ever give up…

If you are doing instagram try this post…


Run as fast as you can

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Solid suggestion.

So what are you doing here on this platform then if ur not doing SMM?

Thanks. Will do

Satire mate. Just a tough game these days but read the threads and you’ll figure it out fast here.

What other methods are there to make money online. I see there are a lot of threads about instagram on this website. Whats that all about.