High Ticket Business Leads

Today I was offered to buy a strategy to generate B2B high ticket business leads.
He wants 1200€ for the strategy + coaching including live calls and all that stuff.
If I only get 2 clients out of that the service would have paid for itself.

On the other hand, I know how Automation works for IG, so why not use it for LinkedIn?

From my analysis he is either suggesting to message business owners or buy ads to do so.

Is this possible in Jarvee, has anyone tried this? If so would you go directly to the point and pitch them to do a free analysis or consultation with them?

I am not really sure if this “course” is worth it, especially because the guy selling it still uses sole proprietorship instead of a GmbH (german LLC equivalent). I have found some videos from him, some of value others really crappy. He has had interviews with some important people and does seem to have some expertise in paid advertising.

The only problem is that he wants a decision in 23 hours and I was was lead down be the content of a previous coaching I paid for.


I have generated over $50k in sales from my own LinkedIn and have clients paying me anywhere from $97 a month to $1500 a month to manage their LinkedIn, I’ve gotten some clients leads valuing over $100k, using jarvee, and get them leads.

If you use the search bar in here, I talk about exactly what I do with Jarvee to automate.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.


I have read every single message in the LinkedIn category (I only have access to lvl 1).

Found two posts of yours (in the last thread I read)

Why do you only message them saying „would love to connect“?

How is the follow up working in case of negative feedback like „do I know you“?

Are you running datacenter proxies?
Is it necessary to use the 80$ scraper?

Thanks again for the immediate reply, greatly appreciate it


Amazing results brother. I had heard about linkedin being a solid playground, but your numbers are promising. :ok_hand:


Will be following.

Working on this currently and making notes on my Journey thread: https://mpsocial.com/t/journey-100k-mo-by-end-of-2020-via-waas-websites-as-a-service/75930

Have had some success so far with just Instagram b2b outreach, but will be venturing into Linked soon as well.


1200 sounds pricey how long is he going to help coaching you?

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4 weeks.
I see the value in high ticket items but I don’t have the money as of right now, so I would have to “finance” it by stretching out the payments over a longer period of time. If it brings more money in that it costs it’s 100% worth it.

But I know it from IG that this forum has basically everything.

Would love to follow the journey but I don’t have access to the thread.

My goal: 10k per month in 12 months.
Currently I have only 1 client (333 per month) 2 more potential ones that haven’t signed yet

That’s just the connection request.

It’s much more likely people will accept connection requests if it says “look forward to connecting on LinkedIn” rather than saying “hi, I’m Bob, my goal is to sell you on my services and that’s why I’m adding you as a friend”

All of your questions stem from your confusion of personalized connection requests compared to first messages I send people after we are connected.


I tried to manage my own acc in LinkedIn but got a message from them after 2 days saying that I was using a bot and that in the case I didn’t stop using it I will get my account disabled.

My account is aged (+5years), and has 15k connections.

Did you face any of this problems? Is there a way to avoid getting caught?


Yeah I get that now I was kinda adrenalin pumped when writing this.

It’s obviously better to just connect with them.

For the first message, do you just say something like:
“Thanks for connecting would really love to know more about you and your business”

The best way is to pay for a paid LinkedIn account. I recommend everyone get sales navigator.

That’s exactly what I say…

Depends on the client and what I’m going for.

For what I’ve listed here, my tactics are a bit more aggressive.

I tell them about what I can do for them and try to schedule a call or invite people to my facebook group. Or other things.

Thank you. I’m excited to start trying this.