How can i reach level 2 on the Forum?


@InterNEDA You can go to your profile, copy all your replies and paste it into Excel. Just look on the topics you replied to not the replies itself. Delete all duplicate topics. You will see on how many topics you replied already and you will know how much are still to go. Then you will have clarity.


Bro I can HONESTLY say I’ve NEVER done this much work for an online forum, much less to make sure I’m on the right path to get to where I need to be to advance on an online forum. HAHA I love it. I can honestly say I’m addicted to reading and testing new shit I find on this community! The money I’ve lost may not be such a good thing, BUT i’ve learned so much and I know I will break through one day and it’ll all pay off ten fold. Thanks for the tip!


Rules were really designed so we’ll have to make a contribution to the community to get Level 2.

Hope to make it and get there soon


Haha I’m in the same boat. This is where I’m at too. By my count, I’m currently at about 78 topics. I probably could comment on more topics, but I generally try to refrain from commenting unless I think I’m adding more value, have experience in backing up a recommendation, or trying to facilitate more conversation in general.


Yeah guys take your time. There are so much different topics and we have all different background so there will be always topics where we can help each others :slight_smile:


yes we have to help each other when possible


I guess that’s where we all learn :blush:


Hey @roy I have a little question so normally I should be level 2 with my statistics, I would like to know if it is done automatically or if I have to do the process, I am so excited to discover level 2 ! haha

Have a great day :slight_smile:


Level 2 is done automatically, Level 3 is manually because invite only :slight_smile:

It’s also about the topics you replied to, not only about the likes you received. I’m sure it won’t take much longer. Keep engaging here as you already did and it will happen soon! :fist_right::fist_left:


150 replies to DIFFERENT topic is probably what stuck you in lvl 1


Oh thank you ! I didn’t see that ! You’re a genius haha :sunglasses:


I have been there too! :joy:


Haha great to hear that :rofl:


Thank you very much roy for your continued support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Seriously can’t wait to be on Level 2 to up knowledge and skills when Level 1 is already so informative!


Yeah the best way to get to level two is by helping people out and hoping they return the favour


Are you not level 2?


I think I’m almost there, but not yet. Just waiting til I refresh the main page and I see another section to the forum :laughing::rofl:


lol this is the most ridiculous rule - impossible to get to level 2


Not impossible.

As everything else in life, good things take time and effort to reach.

If you’re active enough in just few days can reach it.