How can i reach level 2 on the Forum?


Not yet haha On my way


Why would you need access to complicated info if you still don’t know the basics? I see gaining lvl 2 as a type of graduation, when you’ve learned and contributed you’re ready to proceed.

But it’'s not like you’re given the key to life at lvl 2, you still need to put i the work every day, even though you may get better tips there you still need everything in place to actually execute, and that you learn at lvl 1.


Totally agree :slight_smile:


We have this rules for good reasons.


Like and i’ll give you a cookie (i’m not joking)


It discourages genuine users like me

I spend most of my time on blackhatworld or swapd since they dont have any riduclously onerous rules

Its a shame as this site has so much potential


find here more infos


Here you go:

just make sure you don’t spam the forum, it could lead you to ban, not LVL2


It is supposed to be automatic ? I thought I reached it weeks ago and still nothing…


It’s automatic, you probably didn’t met all conditions yet.


I’ll have to pull my replies and check again but I thought I was only 10 away from 150 unique replies since Ive met every other requirement like 200 likes, reading, days etc. thanks bro


How many topics have you responded to?

Do you mean 150 replies to 150 topics?


Hmm I don’t know what else to do. I’ve met all requirements and still no level 2.

  • visit at least 25 days, I’ve visited 106 days
  • cast at least 100 likes, Ive cast 351
  • receive at least 200 likes, Ive recieved 348
  • reply to at least 150 different topics, Ive replied to 189 not including my threads I started
  • enter at least 350 topics, Ive entered 848
  • read at least 1500 posts, I’ve read 14,6000 posts
  • spend a total of 600 minutes reading posts, I’ve spent 19 hours reading…

I think I reached all the requirements but please let me know if I haven’t. I Don’t know how else to check other than download my posts and delete duplicates to count. I’m excited to keep learning from level 2!!! :grin:


this is it. you counted hours and it says minutes there :joy:


Would that not be 10 hours? yet he’s read 19 hours?


yessir, 150 different topics.


This is how you find out how many you’ve replied to. Just use excel


Congratulations to reaching level 2 :tada::tada::tada:
Finally you’re there :grin::+1: @InterNEDA


Thank you thank you it’s been a hell of a journey and this is just the beginning !


Working hard for something makes the difference. It feels so much better when you finally get your “cookie”. Welcome to the club. Hope you show the same will power on your IM journey and share with us your results :star_struck:

P.S. now you are a father figure for the new boys and girls in the forum --> take your responsiblilty serious