How can i reach level 2 on the Forum?


thnx for your info



Hope i will reach lvl 2 soon :slight_smile:


Level 2 has stuff no where else folks not even blackhat world. Real stuff without sales pitch crap


At first i hated this like system thing , the more i progress , the more i realise it’s the most genius way of maintaining a trust hierarchy in a public forum , literally you get to eat what you deserve.

This is totally going to be my choice if i decide to do some community building anytime in the future.


I hope reach lvl 2 soon to !
Thx for advice :slight_smile:


Try to reach Lv2 for more experiences!


For sure level two is hyped - the only way to get to it is by helping each other out and contributing to our community.


You must create very good guides and replies giving value to others users.


Level 2 on this forum is the equivalent of a well created Instagram account that has original content and good audience.

You can’t change my mind.


Soon there will be a website where they will sell like for MPS: D hahah
Either they write to you, private messages or you want to buy MPS likes: D
Only time-value-level 2
I see a lot of people doing quick tutorials or anything else just to pick up likes.
Everything will come at the right time :slight_smile:

And now I am asking for a rain of likes! FAST ! MUCH ! HERE! ME: D



Couldn’t agree more. Replying to 150 threads is much harder then receiving even an equivalent amount of likes. Especially if you actually want to contribute and make a bit of sense in each of the replies. Also there aren’t that many topics to go about which I could contribute to just yet .

Still I agree with that system 100% you wouldn’t want inexperience people leeching on people who are working in the “industry” for years.


Agreed :grin:


I am still level 1 :’(


Only thing I am lacking are likes- and I am so close I can smell it. Levels require rules. Let’s not knock it!


I don’t think this is level 2 here? Or is this some kind of middle level. The requirements before seemed much more strict :face_with_monocle:


Hey I just looked at your stats…you def have the likes. You need 200 likes and I think I just gave you your 206th like lol. You probably still need to respond to at least 150 different topics.


It shows me 195 posts created, think that means I have responded 195 times?


No, that’s not what you need for level 2. I believe you have to respond to at least 150 DIFFERENT topics or threads. The 195 posts you have created could be from the same threads. There’s a post somewhere in this forum that talks about how to extract this info and put it into an excel sheet to see how many topics you have left to post on.


Or you can always count it manually in profile activity tab, it shouldn’t take you longer that 2 minutes :wink: