How can i reach level 2 on the Forum?


How does one get TWO HUNDRED likes on a comment, that’s insane.


Those 200 likes, are not on 1 comment or 1 post only.
It is the count of all likes received !

Also take in count, the hardest :slight_smile: that people tend to forget or not understand well.

You should reply to 150 DIFFERENT topics, at least!

But this, does not mean, going trough the forum and reply with 3 words to each threads ! Try try be helpful to people!

Hope this message fits you well!


Wow. Then I still have a long way to go.


I have never seen such post. Would you be able to link it on here if you can, thank you!


Here’s the thread regarding user levels. I can’t find the post right now about the excel sheet but like @Kacper_Kiedrowski stated, you can do this manually. It’s not about responding 150 times on the SAME topics. It’s about providing valuable input on 150 DIFFERENT topics. Trust me, it takes a little bit.


Just export all your posts from your profile and filter with Exel or else, you will get the exact unique posts in topics!!


I understand, that seems more reasonable! Thanks for the reply.


Can it be automated? :laughing:


Try to use jarvee :joy::wink:


Always give before you take. I don’t t know a other way


The admin here is no dummy and if you don’t give before you receive your a leech


I can hear the music from the gates of level 2 at this point


Is it glorious?


It originally sounded like the horn of Gabriel followed by war drums, but as I get closer it’s morphing into psytrance and group moans - WTF is going on in there?




Don’t forget that you can’t give too valuable pieces of information either before level 2. That’s the hard part. My recent topic got deleted/moved to lvl2 because it was too helpful.


That’s the only thing that bothers me about level 2. I feel like the contributing part has been lesser these days about the blocks and possible solutions. What kind of help was it about?


lol untrue. There are loads of great topics in Level 1. Search bar my friends.

?? I see NO topic from you in level 2… :thinking: don’t spread rumours. You or the thread might have triggered something else.


i know there are tons of threads. I’m on this forum daily for hours and hours. I do notice movement up and down from lvl1 and lvl2. I’m constantly testing around although it seems that there might be more ideal solutions up there or at least some more detailed ones.

Then again it is what it is. We’ll have to sweat it out


Then it’s probably deleted.
This is the link to the topic.