How can i reach level 2 on the Forum?


You must understand that there is level 2 for a reason: To protect certain information to the public. It’s NOT about the drama between forum contributors / members or taking anything personally.

(from what I can tell so far)

Its really worth getting there the right way, not rushing it, and being on good terms with people here. There are a lot of people who happily share and help you troubleshoot through situations…

And they are members just like you who do that and take the extra step in helping.


I understand that but it seems to ‘trigger’ spam commenting in these forums which is not what i’m about. I’m more than happy to contribute but that means for what i’m doing i can only contribute to certain topics and help with certain subjects. I just can’t seem myself going over 150 topics justo reach that number. On the other hand i’m more than happy to even again use my newly created accounts to test out more and more and report back to the community.

Thansk for the response.


It will take time for when the opportunities to chime arise. Patience is the answer then… You dont need to aggressively do those 150 topics in a week… took me over a year lol

I am sure you can contribute in some areas when they pop up as you do your testing!


Special Tip:
Everyday a lot of people (noobs) enter this forum and ask the same questions.
If you read a lot you can answer all of them or link them to existing thread.
You can easily get in ten helpful comments a day. If your answers are helpful you don’t need to worry about likes. And in 25-30 days you can reach level 2. If you really want it.


Right, but make sure you don’t go over helpful posts per hour limit.
People dropping value bombs here and there, but no one made a guide for setting up slaves and mother forum accounts on Jarvee to get to level 2, huge dissapoint.

Random motivational pic:


Or perhaps they did… and it got moved to Level 2 / 3… and that’s how they also gained access?

Some food for thought !


Haha Hows that even possible?! :sweat_smile:


I have no idea what else I am missing on my profile to receive level 2.


I will sell a bot for
lvl mpsocial :smiley:



Maybe they start selling it on the panels, MP likes and etc. haha


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150 (edited) replys to different threads. You are at 236. But not all might be to different threads. You can scrape your replys and delete duplicates. Then you know exactly how many are missing.


Call me crazy, where to i find that? I went to my summary and did not see 236 anywhere there.


150 replies, there’s no way I’ve replied to 250 different topics!


@mastema Sry that was my bad you are right -> 150 replys to different topics. Here is the rule thread User Levels Explained


there you can download them.


Thank you!

13 chars


Sorry to point out the obvious, but… Have you provided valuable input to 150 different topics? Or have you spammed multiple topics in quick succession with short responses that parrot others and/or offer zero value (other than to yourself in an attempt to reach Level 2)? If not, then yes, you still have some way to go.


Call me crazy but I triple checked and I have more than 170 unique replies and over 200 likes, also match all the other criteria. Still no level 2. How does it work? :frowning_face:


@Molishparty I also checked your stats and i agree. But when i remember right it does not switch instant. In case you have reached your likes today i suggest waiting a little bit. Otherwise you can PM adnan.