How can i reach level 2 on the Forum?


I hit it yesterday and also lost 5 likes through the night. A couple of days ago I received the “give back” badge for 100 liked post which I hit around 2 weeks ago. Might be something glitchy about my account will message him then! thanks!


In order to become level 2 requires the following:

  • Free coffees to all VIP 3 and Leaders
  • 1 year training with a monk to learn the secrets of level 2
  • NASA grade computers to ensure you never miss a post


following the rules


Do you know how long it lasts approximately for the switch to take place? @kripke
The switch from new member to basic user was like almost instantly and it happened automatically. But the switch from basic user to member is glitchy. It has not taken place for me neither.
I did try writing to adnan, but unfortunately I did not receive any answeres yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


If you create a topic and it’s too good and it gets moved to level 2, can you see your own post (i’m at level 1)?


I dont think you can


@Micky when i had the same problem I wrote Adnan. But i leveled up befor he answered. So about one day until the switch took place I would say.


I feel like 'm very close too but nothing has happened yet. Thank god some people are still super supportive and recognizing of good intent and helping effort :blush:


Thank you buddy, your the best. It’s great to know.
You are always helpful and humble. Your personality is much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face::crown:


@Micky GET A ROOM! Just kidding, love you boys <3 Ya’ll MVP’s


:joy::joy::joy: We’ll have room for you buddy. Don’t worry. Don’t be delicate :grin:

Right back at cha bro


Right behind ya’ll… kinda lol

@Micky @oneoneseven


Unfortunately not, happened me a couple of times.


Ok so I checked and I have replied to 167 different topics, and have all other requirements, still not at level 2?


So if i bake you a really nice cake with frosting, can i get to level 2? :joy:


I haven’t received the level 2 badge yet, still waiting for it to process or something because I am almost positive I have all requirements.


I’m crying on the inside looking at this. All my efforts. :laughing:


Is the money making button on lvl2 works with PayPal or Bitcoin? I need the answer someone experienced thanks.


I’m not sure about this. Have you ever been temporarily banned or have any of your message/posts/threads been flagged? If so, this may reset you requirements back to zero. Not sure otherwise.


He’s already been upgraded to LVL2. :slight_smile: