How can i reach level 2 on the Forum?


I really wonder if the criteria for getting up to the next level is really that hard for people. Honestly with all the drama lately with Instagram but should be required reading to be on here for an hour or two a day.


First I have also thought that the requerements are too strict to get to lvl2. But I can understand it, since once you get there only experienced members will share ideas there, there will be no noobs.


Oh yess XD, didn’t take too long tho


In the summary, there appears to be no listing of how many different topics you have commented on, however that is one of the requirements to reach level 2.
This seems to be the most difficult requirement.


Its so hard to acieve lvl 2 :confused:




Its good to know. Thanx


Ya, getting 200 likes is not hard when you share info willingly. Trying to find 150 topics I feel like I have something useful to say is the hardest part.


Take your time. Don’t rush it. Just keep coming back every day for 4-6 weeks and participate 2-3 times a day with real value and you’ll get there soon.


I have been doing that for 3 months. I read a lot of posts and provide useful (I hope) information in response whenever I can but usually just in the same couple dozen threads I’m familiar with the topic.


As long as you keep providing value, you will reach level2 fast :slight_smile:

And if you write a great guide you might even be promoted :slight_smile:


Thanks I used to be on 2 but no idea the email address lol


only few likes & posts reply left until i get to lvl2. But, im trying to provide value not spamming.


Wow. How long, on average, does it take to reach lvl2?!

This should be fun…


So what more i need to do for getting lvl2? :smiley:


a lot of people keep saying i wanna get to lvl 2 and in the other hand a lot of too say that infos in lvl 2 are worthy but btw the too you need to be a giver first which is a good thing for youe own interest but the question is what f you reach the lvl 2 and found that all the info are useless to you based on your needs/capabilities/region/somefuckingweirduncategorizedreasons LOL


thanks for the spam - go away pls!


It’s gonna be a long journey but hey I guess it’s right this way!