How do you manage ads/pages with new accounts?

I can guess it’s a bit risky, but I wonder how you guys are managing it?

I would like to have my main account as admin to my created facebook pages, to have total control and in case I would like to run ads to some of the posts. And an “unrelated” account as an editor to these pages, that is joining groups in that niche and promoting it on its own wall.

I have a relatively new facebook account (1+ month old) as an editor in some of my pages, and is doing all the promotions needed. I’m playing very safe so far.

How safe is that? How would you recommend handling pages in the MP way? :slight_smile:


Hi, you may find this post helpful, do check it out :slight_smile: don’t forget to read this to.

Thanks, good reads but still not addressing my question unfortunately :slight_smile:

The way you do it sounds ok to me. Have other accounts take care of pages and do the sharing on groups for traffic and increased reach. Why would you think it it’s safe, did you encounter any problems like a penalty or something like that?

Thanks, no I haven’t but I don’t want to have problems with it :slight_smile:

I figured my tactic would be to manage 2-4 pages with each new profile, and have the main account as admin to all of them. I hope this doesn’t raise suspicious behavior.

I have read the story here of someone that got his 120 accounts banned because of exposing the relation between his accounts. I’m trying to minimize the risk.