How Does the Instagram API Vs. Private API Works!

I wanna clear up this for people that hear a lot of members mentioning the word “API” in there Comments But they Don’t know what is it or whats the use of the API and how it works and i wanted to share this with you fellow Marketers!

Jarvee uses there own private API no chance they will let you put your hands in it
also Most botting software’s use there private API so they can have more acceptability and when instagram changes there API this changes won’t affect any big bots as they use private API.
First let’s cover up The main Instagram API First

There’s a lot you can do with the Instagram API(and also a lot you can’t do). The first thing to be aware of is the Instagram API has a fairly strict . In my opinion, they have a very strict API and ecosystem that somewhat restricts creativity when using the API, but on the other hand I understand they want to keep the platform organic and reduce “bots” on the platform.
the Instagram API was made so Developers Can have the Ability to build there own apps and services that can Help individuals share their own content with 3rd party apps ,
Help brands and advertisers understand, manage their audience and media rights, Help broadcasters and publishers discover content, get digital rights to media, and share media with proper attribution.
but there’s some rules that those apps and services needs to follow for example to be non-automated and You cannot use the API Platform to crawl or store users’ media without their express consent, you can not not abuse the API Platform, automate requests, or encourage unauthentic behavior.
*If you want access to Instagram API, you need to submit your app for review.

You may ask “How is it possible to automate Instagram if you cant use the main Instagram API”
Well you can have your own Private API
all what i know is that is that

  1. Private api is primary api of instagram android app that export from revearse enginering of mobile app and is different with instagram official api
  2. You must first call login endpoint with username and password parameter and then call another api

that’s what i know Also

they can Parsing the webpage and automate “pressing buttons” with tools like Selenium. There are some tools that can do this, the most popular one is InstaPy by TimG.

also you can use Python and it’s library because the code would be very straightforward even to those who do not know Python. Also they use some auxiliary and encryption libraries that can be found for any programming language.

Instagram Private API (Legality Issue)
In most cases You’re in violation with how Instagram allows you and the users to use the API.

i hope that you learned something From this ,At least i tried ,thanks


@alossra Nice cheers ! It’s interesting, but I prefer to say to my clients that IG made changes in there API that’s why there is so many bugs… it’s easier like that


that is probably a good idea to avoid too many unwanted questions from the clients and Convince them that everything will be fine

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Do you know if Embed browser works with API or more like the Selenium type of bot?


EB is a browser that is like firefox or chrome. It does not use private api it uses public - browser - calls as any other browser( edge, firefox, chrome opera, safari)


amazing, thanks for the reply!


yeah that is basically what the EB is
Thank you for the explanation :smiley:


Thank you very much for the explanation! I was a bit confused about APIs but it’s much clearer now :slight_smile:
So does this mean that if we use a private android api, we can make it look as if the app was being used without actually using the app to do actions on IG?


you can use Instagram’s private API by imitating the Android app.
some Instagram bots may be using a hacked version of the Instagram API
and if you use the private Instagram Graph API, you will be allowed to create features around scheduling, commenting, and analytics, actions like follow ,like…etc


All I can say is that this is indeed an automated method. All that IG receives is a https call from an Android phone.

features that you can do:

  • Follow / unfollow
  • Upload / delete medias
  • Search & Iterate for Location, Users, Hashtags
  • Edit account profile
  • Resolve challenges (Captcha, Phone verification, Email verification)
  • Access media from many sources profile / location / hashtag
  • Access feeds for timeline or discovery
  • Create and manage new accounts
  • Send direct messages or list direct messages in inbox
    and many more

At the end do Instagram know that you’re using a private API? Most of people always said they have their own API, which is not related to official API, but the main question is do they know that you’re doing such a action via API calls?

Some people said yes, and they conclude that Instagram allowed such a type of bot for their own benefits, like more engagement, more spent time, hence more revenue from it. But I don’t see that is true, otherwise Instagram don’t shutdown massplanner forcefully.


Finally a good explanation for this. Thank you!

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it looks legit tbh i don’t think someone knows if they can bust it! as long as it’s still working than everything is fine… but technically most bots are in violation of Instagram TOS

you’re welcome bro I’m so happy that you find my post helpful :smile:

This person uses a private api and they have 1,000,000+ Downloads :smiley:

thanks for the explanation ,but are you sure that instagram doesn’t know about this private API thing!

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Your Welcome Bro well i think if we wanna really verefy it 100/100 well have to ask them personally about it! x)

I suggest you do not ask them, so things don’t get worse.:joy:

if done properly they cannot tell the difference via app or outside app(bots and such).
they cannot hide the private private api either as the insta app uses them.
Jarvee imho has the best coders for this.


Hi bro, thanks for explanations. But if we look at Jarvee what is it better to use? EB or their API only?

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ofc i was kidding xD lol

its always better to use API only… and Jarvee will tell you to use EB when you get action Blocked on API
but really if you get action blocked on the api that doesn’t mean you have to do that action on the EB to trick ig just wait some time than try to follow!

you’re welcome bro :smiley:

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