How I do my syntax, can I improve it?

Hi guys, just showing my process on how I create a new DM for a slave account to start messaging or to update a message that’s been used for more than 30 days on an existing account.

First I start with a little google inspiration and find a list of greetings to start my message

These will do!

I then start creating a list from the list I found and add some variations to words

In order to add more variation to my text I add emoji’s before and after text by using This handy little tool

Then I use this hand dandy little tool I found somewhere, I think it was on here actually but I dont remember (check avatar for reason why :wink:) Convert List into Syntax

Which gives me this:



Word to the wise, this tool will add \ to any text that contains ’ for example “how’s it going” becomes “how/'s it going” and Jarvee doesn’t play nice with the \ so you can use a text tool of your choice to find/replace the \ to remove it before putting it into Jarvee to use, but more on this later…

Once I am finished with my syntax, I put it into this handy tool which gives me an estimate of how many variations there are and also tells me if there is anything wrong with my syntax code for example missing an opening { or closing } bracket or something else. It’s real handy, you’re gonna love it

Me just making sure I am not screwing anything up, I always check to make sure a couple of spun variations actually make sense to a human and don’t look to robotic. I use this tool here to check. I usually spin maybe 20 times and make sure every time it reads correctly. This has often caught a couple of issues but made it so they all read correctly and don’t sound too fake.


Usually I save my variations in a text file so that I can quickly use them later or use them as inspiration for a new variation.

I’d appreciate if anyone could give me some insight on how to make my process more efficient or better! Spread some love like a hippy

Here is my other thread also about syntax, check it out!


Brilliant guide

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thank you! didn’t see it as a guide, but I guess it can be that also. was mostly looking for feedback but i appreciate your kind words

Even if it wasn’t meant to be a guide, you gave good information about spintax. If want to improve and be more efficient, learn how to code so you can automate all the steps you do :wink:

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Thank you for your input, bookmarked :slight_smile:
Check this one out if you haven’t already, I think it will help you a lot:


Yep I’ve read that thread, it was one of the earlier threads I read to help me get where I am now. I also found some help through BHW but mostly here as it’s a way better community!

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Nice guide thanks for sharing it here! Big value.

Thank you means a great deal

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Thx for the guid. What I am still unsure about but maybe somebody knows. What about emojis. Do they even count as variations or not? Because I read emoji variations dont count as variations so something (:grinning: | :wink: | :wink: ) just counts as 1 emoji.

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Where did you read that?

Haha not sure i read too much

On bhw I read they do count because each emoji has a name within instagram and thus instagram recognizes it as a separate character/emoji.

The info could be wrong tho.But from my testing it’s been okay so far. I’ve only used one syntax’s for no more than 30 days before making a new one. Only sending 35-40 dms/day. 1 per operation to keep it safe. 4g Mobile proxies


Yeah, I also think it should be fine, I mean all the guides here on mpsocial say emojis count, and those are people who know their stuff soo…

Yeah this makes a lot of sense. When you type in certain letters/signs you get an emoji.

Great thread btw, thanks!

You can also put in your spintax to not always use an emoji.

Like this example: {:grinning: | :wink: | :wink:|} --> the last bar means: empty. So in 25% of the cases no emoji will be used. If you want it 50% empty then it is: {:grinning: | :wink: | :wink:|||}


yeah thx for the input i know this i create spelling mistakes in a similar way

like (good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|good|god) or better example missing commas

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my eyes are exhausted :joy::joy::joy:
it is like one of the concentration tests where there are hundreds of d and you need to find the only p.

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haha i am sry for that

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