How many accounts can have the same email

I manage 100s of accounts and I want to be able to email verify them for my clients without getting them to send me the code every time… How many do you think can have the same email?

Why not just buy a domain and use it as a catchall, this is the kind of thing is being abused and will get plugged eventually, especially now you see it all over the public forums, just saying

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@Socialsauce This is the way to go.

can you explain this please? do you foward all the emails to one inbox?

Its easy

  1. Buy a domain, doesn’t matter what name or extension ( i like to use mail in the name but whatever)

  2. Add it to your hosting, make sure your host supports catchalls, not every hosting (especially cheap shared hosting) supports that

  3. Now go into your Cpanel, look in the mail section for: “Set Default Address” then select “Forward to Email Address” and fill in any email that you wanna receive the mails on

Now you have a catchall, every time you create a mail for that domain it will be sent to the email address you have put in that text box…

Hope this helps you


I use the Google dot trick I tried sending you a link but link is posting funny just search Google.

If you want the link pm me.

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@JasonUK Kinda new for me. Didn’t really know about this little trick. Just made 3 instagram accs with one email

@cpafromcroatia, I’m glad you found it useful, get stuck again give me a shout and will help if i can :slight_smile:

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You mean this one

I had not seen this one but thankyou

I am using the gmail trick with this app you can create thousand different emails

please add a virustotal link as well when you add tools like that so people see they are safe.

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Hello, is it still possible to do this today? Or what kind of new methods are there to have multiple emails?
I tried hush mail but got banned…

I have bought a domain to make instagram accounts with, do you think this leaves a footprint if I make too many accounts on the same domain?

A catch-all domain would work. Even the Gmail trick.

For safety purposes though, I suggest the following:

1.) Create a step-by-step how-to document or page that you can send to your client(s). This will outline how to setup filters for the account emails. This way, all Instagram emails will be sent to your client AND a copy will be sent to an email address of your choosing. You need to dumb this down as much as you can so your clients can easily follow along.

2.) Before that, you should create a record of as to which email address is for which account. You’d think that it’s easy to keep track without a record but believe me, it’s better to have one than to get all tangled up in the end especially since you’re managing hundreds of accounts.

This way, there are no risks of IG catching up to your clients’ accounts using the same email and will address the problem of them having to send you the code every time you need them.

They also don’t need to give you email credentials as some clients are very guarded about that.

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