How much 15k LinkedIn account would go for?

Hey! I am just interested for how much I may sell 15k connections account?

P.S. I am not selling and please don’t give offers! I am just curious :slight_smile:


It’s too easy getting connections on LinkedIn. Also you can just import them via CSV email list…

It’s easy to get banned lol


Well, once I imported a 11K email list, did 3 clicks and got 5K new connections in the following days. You dont get banned for that. :wink:

Its hard to say without knowing the value of the contacts, the niche, etc…


You sent 11k connection requests in one day?

@Gernozarus It was able but in `18 :smiley:

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Oh shit, sad I missed that time, ha ha

They have enabled option to Invite connections to LinkedIn Fanpage, it worked for +/- 10 days.

It was funny, since acceptiong rate to like fanpage was around 80% (we did test on blank fanpage and got 60% invitation accepts from 1500 invites).


In 2 years so many people here are going to say that.

LinkedIn is hot now, but it’s still at a stage where anyone can join and make lots of money.

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How do you monetize LinkedIn mainly? Lead generation for your clients? :slight_smile:

It is like Instagram for business people, they want connections! :smiley:

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Oh cool! Guess I’m a bit behind with LinkedIn lol.

You better catch up because Linkedin is booming now