How Often Do You Clear Cookies?

Pretty self explanatory.

I have an account manager answering messages on a separate device and I’m being logged out at least once a day for a CAPTCHA security check.

Any tips?

Do you reset cookies on your LinkedIn accounts? If so, how often?

A cookie reset will actually force a logout because the website that placed that cookie in your browser won’t be able to recognize you.

Now, I don’t remember if Linkedin has a forced logout feature, where it will log you out by default or if their system flag your connection. But here’s what I would do:

  1. Try to use the same browser (firefox, chrome) and the same connection IP (maybe you’ll get a VPN or proxy connection so Linkedin will see your account connect from a single IP address.

  2. Use an Android emulator like Bluestacks (mobile apps tend to have persistent logins, so even if you use two different devices, Linkedin will see your connections as from two mobile ones and keep a persistent connection on both of them).

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I agree with your post. Thanks for sharing this valuable inforamtion.

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Didnt know this, will try it out. Any other methods please do share

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