How to check bulk ig accounts?

Hey, i want to check bulk instagram accounts to see if they are valid or not. There is any fast way or a bot to do that? I need to check 50k accounts. thank you.


Probably will need to get a script made unless someone has one created already.

Maybe i have luck and someone already have it. :thinking:

There is a few days old topic with some software and infos, nothing really perfect but still something

you need to check 50,000 individual accounts? or 50k follower accounts?

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There is a tool here to do that…


There is a simple one without any coding knowledge

Just put the links, if you need the accs formatted just use Excel or pm me


This would be very useful, i did use a spreadsheet you linked before i believe but wasn’t updating properly :frowning:

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Yeah, because it was on Google Spreadsheets and it has API limits

At the end I made a personal tools that checks everything but that link I sent above is working perfectly fine to check if an account is on or off


yeah thats a shame very useful otherwise.

Maybe i can set something up with that link :slight_smile: thanks mate.

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It can be still made in Excel though, would be running on your connection. If you have SeoTools plugin for Excel I can give you a spreadsheet

that would be very useful please i can get the addon :slight_smile:

Do you mean check if the Instagram usernames are available? If yes, then take a look at my topic:

Is this enough or you need something else added?


I didn’t but that is also very useful! thanks mate

That would be perfect mate :slight_smile: change in followers would also be good but not sure if that would work.

50k individual accounts

Nice work buddy :sunglasses::ok_hand:t4: it even better if you could add more stuff like :

  • Is the account private or not
  • when their last activity (yesterday/last week/last month/last year)
  • does their bio contain link (probably seller)


Hey, do you mind sending me that excel file which checks the number of followers and validity of the insta usernames?

My email is

Thank you so much!

@Hydroxz this looks great. can you please share to