How to grow company pages

hello guys,

I am pretty new on Linkedin, I am working on my personal and workmate profiles content and I am automatizing

  • likes
  • endorsement
  • profile views
  • connections

our personal profiles are slowly growing 10-15 connections x day

my question is;
how to grow followers on our company page?
atm we are creating content on our comapny homepage and resharing it on our “botted” profiles without receiving any follow on the company page.
it’s been 2 weeks only, maybe it’s just a content issue or maybe there’s some secret I am ignoring.

ps; is it possible to automatize actions from the company profile too?

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To grow your company pages, you can connect with more people which belong your business category. Make your communication skill strong.

Add connections that are related to your business niche, then invite them to follow your page. if your contents are interesting, they will follow your page.


Add hashtag to your posts related to your niche and connect with more people.

Yes, It is possible to grow your company page as much as you can, by posting about your business profile day-to-day. Update the page as much as possible & yes, make your company profile strong as much as you can. Follow the other company’s page which is related to your niche. You can also spend some penny by running ads on twitter about your niche so that your company can spread in the market and can maybe reachable to the needy. Make positive goodwill in the market.

If you want to grow your company page then you need huge traffic, which you can get bu making more number of connection. You have to send the request from your side only then they will follow you. Make a daily meal. Keep engagement left