How to make 0$ to $300 with your Instagram account without being an influencer?

0$ to $300 with your Instagram account without being an influencer BLUEPRINT🔥

1- Choose a specific niche and create the Instagram account. Start the management of your page using “follow” only of users close to your niche plus likes and comments, if you have Jarvee bingo it’s gonna be much easier.

2- Use any platform to create a website according to your Instagram niche (shopify, woocommerce etc) and add the products in your shop.

3- Post pictures of your products on Instagram with the links redirected to the specific product page. Nb: forget about “instagram shop” too spammy people will not buy if you are not a well known brand. The objective is to look natural.

4- Your first pictures should be you, or anyone to show that the owner of the shop and account are real.

5- grow the Instagram page that way again and again using stories and regular posts. Nb: Focus on getting likes and comments to gain trust.

6- Make your page look like a regular brand and special. You will generate high quality traffic and start making sales.

This is from a my own experience, hope it’s gonna help some people here.

GOLD NUGGET: Your Instagram account and shop will both gain value you can easily resale it after sometimes and take the cash. JARVEE will be a very useful tool in this configuration, it helped me a lot. GOOD LUCK💪🏾



Thanks for sharing {@Joseph_Trillions

Good luck with the contest.


Could you please explain the #3? Thanks!!

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Thank you hope it will help some people

You must be very careful when using bots because Instagram is being very strict these days against automatisation. Many accounts are banned daily and all Instagram marketers I follow stopped using bots.


Yes sure! Whst I mean by that is the content on your Instagram page should either related to your product or pictures of the product itself. Then you share the link redirecting the prospect from Instagram to your website. There is an option that allows you to sell directly on Instagram but I don’t recommend it, allow the costumer to go through the experience provided by your website if that make sense for you, it looks original.

Yes I got that part, but you can only add one link in your bio, you mentioned “Post pictures of your products on Instagram with the links redirected to the specific product page” so wondering what trick you are using :wink:

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It’s true but you know other marketers still use bots, it’s up to you to understand the game! The objective behind these new rules is to slow down the growth of Instagram accounts to push the owners to start advertising. Don’t forget Instagram at the first place is a business, they want to make money. This is another tip for the community, make some paid advertisement regularly not much 2 or $3 just once or twice a month, you will see that your account is not going to be banned as fast as the one you never advertised with😉. Play the game!

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Not really a trick just put it at the end of your post description. Use the shortest link, it works better.

I’m lost, post description? you mean the caption? and you add the link as no-clickable text? Who will write down the url?

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You could add another thing here, which might come handy in a lot of cases. Use of a service like linktree does helps in routing the audience to right place. Can also be used for crossplatform promotion and hence gaining more loyal audience.

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he might be thinking of a method like ( where it redirects to a feed of your posts where each is clickable and redirects to its own product page.


I agree, that’s why I asked him again, I don’t know any other way to add an URL than just plain text.


Great stuff, I will try it out definetively :smiley:

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Thanks for sharing.

what did you write as caption in your first post to make the account looks legit?

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Yes that’s it!

It’s a way to increase the audience, meaning more prospects and more customers!

Happy if it gives you inspiration :+1:! Good luck

Write the story of your shop. Why you created the shop, when, the people involved etc…story telling it works great!

I know. I just suggested if you might want to add it to your post as it will help driving traffic to more precise page.

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