Vote For The Best Shares That Will Win The Spring MPSocial Giveaway!

Ok, it’s time to vote for the winners of our Spring MPSocial Giveaway.

Please cast your vote on the shares that you liked the most, in case you missed some you can see them all below. If you vote you need to choose at least 3 that you like the most and you can choose a maximum of 5 so everything gets more interesting. May the best shares win !

Also, let’s give a big THANK YOU to @Stiletto who provided the Jarvee licenses given as prizes.

Here are the topics that participated in this giveaway - 15 great shares:

And now the fun part, cast your votes!

  • How to create a tiktok repost page with minimal effort by @SBG
  • Personal TikTok Journey - Breakin’ The Ice by @angelescumirceatoma
  • [Journey] Making an Instagram page go viral - LIVE case study by @LaurenceM
  • How to grow IG accounts - APRIL 2020 by @Sebastien_Hamel
  • My 10 minute daily routine - instagram (MANUAL) by @SBG
  • Step-by-Step Guide to 150k Followers 2020 by @EthanWelby
  • How to make 0$ to $300 with your Instagram account without being an influencer? by @Joseph_Trillions
  • [METHOD] Growing accounts with a cheap proxy. (NO BLOCK) - JARVEE by @Hadi
  • [GUIDE] Create and Grow twitter account. [Adult Niche Exemple] by @socialhad
  • Make $100-$150/day with FB + Jarvee + CPA [ BONUSES INSIDE! ] by @Winds
  • How I Made $12,000 In Revenue With Shopify + Instagram [[ Proof Inside ]] by @Winds
  • [HOW-TO] Monetize Your IG Account Network And Achieve $100+/day by @Winds
  • [METHOD] Alternative Way to Setup Your Scraper Accounts -JARVEE by @Hadi
  • How To Grow An Instagram Account From 0 To 10k (without spending money) beginner guide by @jayskays
  • {Lockdown Money Idea} Running Profitable FB Ad Campaigns for Online Fitness Client - My Case Study by @instagramchief

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Organizational stuff

  • I’ve added all topics in the order they were added on the forum, it doesn’t matter where in the list they are, vote for the best !
  • I wish there wasn’t a need to say this, but here it goes: DO NOT try to cheat this by creating multiple accounts and voting for yourself ( you are however allowed to vote for yourself once from your own account in case you’re participating) we monitor everything and if we catch you doing this we won’t take it lightly. Let this be a friendly and honorable vote!

Good luck to everybody and may the best shares win!


Good luck everyone and thanks for participating!


It’s my pleasure @Johnny

I see some real gems here, thanks for sharing your experiences and good luck!


Thanks for the giveaway really nice idea!

And @Hadi @jayskays @EthanWelby @Winds @LaurenceM awesome topics ! :boom:


Thank you!
All the positive feedback I’ve received motivates me to write more articles for you guys.
Let me know if there is anything you would be interested in.


Thanks for the opportunity guys! I’ve learnt so much these articles.

Good luck to everyone :raised_hands:t4:


And the votes are closed. Thank you everyone for participating and for voting on the best topics !

Everyone can see the results now, will post the final announcement thread soon and after that everyone can get their respective prize :wink: