How to manually manage the Linkedin inbox

Anyone have an idea of how to manually manage the Linkedin inbox (messages)?

I’m looking for a chrome extension or a tool or any other idea.
I know that Jarvee can’t do this so I’m not looking for a Jarvee feature.

The problem:
On my main Linkedin account I get dozens of messages each day.
Some of them are just spam and I can delete them.
Others are very important/urgent and I need to act on them.
Others are not so important/urgent, so I can leave them for tomorrow or some other day, but I do need to reply to them.

But Linkedin doesn’t have any way to create folders in its inbox, or to tag messages, etc.
That’s why I’m asking for ideas here.
Just to clarify, I only need this for my main account, and not for dozens of slave accounts, so I’m not looking for automation. Just for a way to improve my manual workflow.

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So basically you are looking for some kind of way to classify your messages on your LinkedIn account so that you know to which to reply first? It would be interesting to see based on what would this tool be able to decide which messages are more important than others :slight_smile:

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So I wasn’t alone in this issue :sweat_smile:
When getting close to the 20k contacts and up on LI, the inbox notifs rings like 911 phones. Most messages are “thanks for endorsing me” or “accept” or just plain “thanks for connecting”.
I figure that a tool could help me a lot by just Mark As Read those messages.
Curious to hear what others have to say.

Yes, that would be a great idea, but unfortunately, I haven’t heard about anything similar.

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Check its kind of a CRM for Linkedin… i think it can do what you need