How to Submit A Support Request to Instagram - Get Help Signing In

I have tried this method, but the last step always show the Instagram Help Center with some useless question and answer from IG, not about IG’s Request.

This method doesn’t work on all accounts and all phones. You can send me your account’s email and account type. I will submit it. You will then get an email from IG support. They will ask you to send a selfie with handwritten code, name and username. You will exchange email with a real person from IG support. You need to convince them that you own the account.


Thanks, should I wait for an email? because I do not received anything yet.

If you are offering this help still, I could use it.

Yeah, same here. Any help would be appreciated

I am still offering it. You can PM me your IG account email and account type. @weekly @Gtamaster


Brother, I am interested in sending you a message to the private!

thank you God bless you.

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if u have problems you can also setup a ADS campaign over FB and then ask for support there

can you guide how to do?

I’m interested to know too!

I have submitted it.

I’ve posted all the steps I did to submit the support request in this thread. Have you read this thread?

hey, ossi.
how long did it take instagram to reply? I’ve received the initial automated email from facebook but they haven’t responded and it’s been days.

This doesn’t work if we don’t have any ads running on our page, does it? I tried to find “Additional support” after clicking Support, but I can’t find it.

Have you sent your selfie yet? or you have only replied to their questions?

I’ve only replied to their questions. I haven’t received anything else :(( I tried emailing them with another email too and they haven’t responded to that either. I’m not sure what to do anymore.

That’s strange. They usually request for a selfie on the same day. Try to resubmit the form using the email associated with your account.

Has anyone gotten a response lately? I’ve been waiting for over two weeks and keep resubmitting my picture. I wonder if they are not answering right now for some reason.

Try to resubmit the form. You might receive an answer more quickly when a different person is taking care of your support request.

It is all automatic emails. They stopped replying after I mentioned their system doesn’t allow me to select a verification code…