If I decided to use mobile proxies for my clients do I must use a proxy from my cleint's location?

If I decided to use mobile proxies for my clients do I must use a proxy from my cleint’s location?
I am from israel and I couldnt find a mobile proxy with unlimited bandwith at all, and all of the providers out there are wayyy t expensive. can I use a mobile proxy from another country to an israeli client?
can I create my own ISP provider as a proxy?

first time trying to use 4G proxies so go easy on me.

The proxy location is not so important.
It must be good!
Of course, if you have a choice in your location, buy a proxy that’s the most, I’m like this!
But it’s hard to find a proxy in your location.
I am looking for the closest possible to my location and they have been working great so far.
So do not be afraid to buy in a different location, the most important to be really good :slight_smile:
Search as close as possible to your location and buy :slight_smile:

For example when I use an israeli datacenter proxy it doesnt ask me for PV or EV, I assume that if I will use a mobile proxy from another country It’ll surely start asking those for my clients. isnt it ?

By the way, if instagram will see activation from same account in israel and germany for example at the same time, wouldnt it be suspicious ?

For me there are no such notifications as before.
Of course, customers can see where they are logging in and accept that it is me and everything that works correctly.

Sounds good, so would you suggest to me to subscribe to a monthly 4G proxy from a country pretty close to Israel and run all my 12 clients from the same 4G proxy ?

What proxy provider do u use btw ?

Why use a proxy with unlimited bandwidth?
Have you kept an eye on how much you use a month? Just doing automation only doesn’t using that much of a bandwidth. If you figure this out and have some extra GB for upcoming updates for you OS and automation tool you are good. If this can help you find a cheaper Proxy provider, then you should go for that. You will not need unlimited bandwidth.

Yes you can use a mobile proxy provider from another country. But remember to login with you IG accounts using tge proxies first, before doing automation.

Yes this is also possible. If you know what you are doing. But if you only need a couple of proxies, the solution would either be buy a data sim card and a 4G modem, run upto 2 accounts on your connection. If you got more than 2 accounts you can either buy proxies or set it up yourself.

The best option is to search for the “PROXY 4G” option and see the first 5-6 topics, there you will find the right people from good proxy dispatching :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you should run all 12 of your clients on the same proxy. 1:1 ratio is always the best…at most 2. That way it doesn’t red-flag IG.

It’s not a must but better if you can find one or even try to find a residential ip in the location of your client it’s much better if you need help to find one let me know

it could be fine

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The proxy cant be flagged because its a 4g proxy, they cant ban it cause million more using the same proxy.

Would it be okay to run all my 12 client on the same 4g proxy? Heard its fine and no risk of bans.

Lol of course it can be flagged. Where did you hear that a proxy can’t be banned? Lorddddddd

Nope this is too much even if 4g ip are shared between a lot of user but for safety I will not run more than 3 clients accounts at the same time on a 4g proxy!! if they are accounts for growth cpa or other you can try it but with client not worth it to risk!!

to maximase your RIO you can run two shift!!

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You can find many topics in this forum regarding this. If you use too many, REGARDLESS if they are 4G proxies, you can be stuck in a PV/EV loop or get banned.

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I run 8/proxy on raw mobile 4g proxy.
People run up to 20/proxy with HC proxys

Do you think running 8 client account per 1 4G proxy is risky ?

on RAW MOBILE I would recommend 10-15 max at this time.
But I prefer to buy a 4G 1: 1 proxy, I see it works for me.
RAW MOBILE I have not tried yet.

Idk if its worth it to go 4G 1:1 … a client pay around 100-150 dollars per month and u spend around 100 dollars for 1 proxy… so how u go 1:1 ?