If Instagram client management became unfeasible, what’s your backup income plan?

I will reply anyway even with your rudeness.
just wait.

I am not kidding. All these 'sky is falling, end of botting shit-- all figured out in 3 days?
Action comes from knowing to what extent this situation is. @Melon got it all figured out within 72 hours on something that is not over yet, jesus – stop and think. do you really think anyone knows?

it is stupid – and naive to come to dead fast conclusions so suddenly.
will there be a fix? who knows cause we ony see the symptons – we have not seen what different actions will happen and the type we need cuase I will say it one more time
its to fucking early to know anything!@!


I’ll start modeling for soft drink advertisements


no – its target against SMM panels – they admitted that last month.
disabling is the weapon of choice for insta against botters btw.
remember that warning ’ change your password for like and follower services?’
single little bot compamies right now are not the target… put that into your equation
SMM panels are. the ones that make millions per month, producing million of fake likes a month



The original inauthentic activity notice implied it was a war on SMM panels. All the more reason for us to feel optimistic.


these post while I understand many are scared – threads like this really do more harm than good.
kinda like somebody sees smoke in another house – not knowing where it came from, and then going on insta –
house across the street burned, wondering where they are going to live now they are homeless.

hold on, where is the fire? how can it be contained.



I will take up sumo wrestling


Thanks a Million for your kindness , The last thing on the planet is to piss off Amazing community here at MPSocial. I talk to people here more than my own family.
Apologies for Rudeness. Will never happen again :cry:

I wasn’t worried per se , of what watermelon said , i just wanted someone to suggest a DIRECTION to continue in so this worldwide matter would be resolved on the biggest public IG forum globally.
So that we could make that most liked post in this topic and close the matter for all future discussions.

But with time i did conclude 3.2B visits website has too many people’s money riding on it , doesn’t just stop .
Here’s a screenshot of optimism for everyone.



It’s all about being geared up for the future, there are so many other SMM platforms out there as well. Just gotta be prepared/ready at all times!

love the way you think :slight_smile:

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if worse comes to worse. i’ll be blunt.

‘so what?’

there will be new methods around the corner – to many of us are hungry and sooner or later we adapt and change directions/methods.
they said facebook was dead for anything 4-6 years ago. how those doomsday sayers all wrong.
No, doubt it will be worse case – however, some if not many will lose accounts. they are replacable.
so are methods that don’t work.
Best advice I can give right now for all – beginner and experienced. Wait and see.
I was planning to use m/s via f/u for some projects I have. I will wait, need to pay off some bills and will have enough to start. I might have to grow without f/u for those 60 to 100 new accounts.
just relax. shit, it’s all just a game. – like life.


I just told my clients it was over and bought a trombone :trumpet:


I am already planning to do android botting automation , so far so good…, no blocks, as there is no way that instagram can block it


Currently, for most of my clients, I’ve included sponsored advertising for followers. It aims to increase the trust level and calm them down.

As for the follow block, I personally think it is a Bug because too many people who do not use automation have the same problem.


This thread should be a mega thread as well so when the next block wave hits us, people can continue conversation from here. lmao

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Funny enough I’m starting with client management at the moment :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


be prepared for shit storms. dont just come on here to look at block threads, stay up to date in this forum in regards to everything

What a time to get started with management :wink:


bro, thats the best time to start men, @roy is going to steal our clients :joy::joy:


Haha true on the best time to start. I don’t know on the stealing clients though… I might beat him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
(Nah, just kidding. I’m not getting into client management any time soon)


I have to admit kinda glad i’m not managing clients at the moment! But i will do in the future its all part of the big game of cat and mouse.


You’re too late my friend @Melon , the end was in May 13 , 2017 . We’re already selling potatoes for a living since then .