Ig account was banned and deleted

Hello Everyone, my ig page was banned and deleted. Any way of getting it back? Also created a new account but it wont let me us the ig app, I can only use it through the a browser. Cant even check dms. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx

Hi, It feels sad that your account is banned and deleted. But I don’t think there might be any chance you will be going to get it back if you were doing BlackHat.

Rather work and fix your strategy so that it doesn’t happen for your new accounts.

Maybe try resetting the device (re-formatting / factory reset) and check if that works?

Make sure to restart your modem (to change the Public IP of your Broadband) or do the Airplane Trick to change the 4G IP.


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What did you use your account for? Spam, regukar f/u, whitehat…?
Also,check out this:

and then this:

Good luck! :wink:


Yeah it really depends on why it was banned, there is a lot of great info if you search around :slight_smile:

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what were you using the account for?